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Some Escorts fall in love with their clients. This is not something that I hear about, often. My understanding is, that it is a taboo, and escorts do not shout about it.

I see numerous threads on messageboards about clients falling in love with escorts; but rarely see anything about escorts falling in love with clients.

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"I see numerous threads on messageboards about clients falling in love with escorts; but rarely see anything about escorts falling in love with clients."

I think that speaks volumes. Does this surprise you?

Thank you for your comments. No it does not surprise me.
Interesting topic.

Do ya think it could be profitable, for an escort, talkin' about it?

Thank you for stopping by, and for your comments. Good to see you here.

LOl, I guess the only time I see an escort talking about this, is when she is heading for retirement.

Is your blog available in English, at all :( . Unfortunately, my Italian is basic.
There was an interesting local drama that actually was featured in a cable program called Kink. Kink is a documentary type show that follows the alternate lifestyle sex scene. A local Dom/SP agreed to allow Kink to document her life. At the time, she was engaged and planning her retirement and wedding. Shortly before her planned retirement, she met a new client, fell in love with him and dumped her fiance. This was all shown in the TV show. Last I heard, she had married the ex-client. This whole thing was also played out on a local message board.
I think this can and does happen, but it's not good for business, so it's kept under wraps.
I guess the only time I see an escort talking about this, is when she is heading for retirement

yup, I think so.

by the way if you're courious about reactions you can start to talk about it... did you ever happen?

PS: unfortunately my blog is only in Italian :(((( but sometimes I translate some of your nice posts (and Gillette ones) because they are really interesting so that I propose them to my Italian readers.
I have heard - as I am sure you have done - of escorts and clients becoming an item. So I guess sometimes it does work both ways.

The one example I can think of is with a mature escort but perhaps it happens more often with younger escorts, I don't know.

But I am sure the nature of the artifice is that clients will fall in love with an escort.

( *sigh* )

I remember one escort publishing on a messageboard that she had no problem with clients falling in love with her as long as they could cope with it. No doubt it kept bringing in the money.

Though I recollect another escort complaining that clients had stopped seeing her because they had got too close. She provided a good service and they got on well - then she lost custom because of it!

B xx
Come to think of it, you don' hear a whole lot of doctors talking about falling in love with their patients or their nurses either.

I think quite a lot of escorts and prostitutes do get into relationships with men they have first encountered in a pay for pleasure situation.

Often men who are widowed, divorced etc. may use this route back into the sexual market, and clearly such men may be attractive, prosperous, and a desirable catch. The equation will balance better if the woman is younger. The McCarney/Mills scenario, though, shows that it can all go pear shaped.

I should perhaps mention that two of my male aquaintances are now married to ladies they met in this nontradtional way. Still, better than paying an introduction agency to introduce you to the same pool of pulchritude.
Do you think that some of the reasons men might fall in love more than the women is that they are seeing the escort when she is all dressed up (not in sweats), putting all her troubles behind her for the moment so she can provide a good service, there for the man fully? In other words, because they are only getting the great parts of her personality rather than the parts that might not be as real: four day leg stubble, no makeup, PMSing, in dire need of chocolate, needs a shower, just in from the gym, feeling like a couch potato for the day, etc.

I think it's because they are dealing with a dream woman. Not all of her.

Thank you for your comments, and the link.The kink story is fascinating.


Thank you for your comments. I agree, it is not good for business.


I have never put something like that on a messageboard.

Thank you for translating my posts into Italian, for your readers. That is very kind of you. Do you know of any tool I can use, to translate your posts into English?


Thank you for your comments. The two examples that you give, are interesting. Fall in love with an escort if you can cope, and an escort losing clients because they are too close. Nothing is ever straightforward.

James B,

Thank you for your comments. I agree with you. Most escorts have relationships with men who are not clients.


Thank you for your comments. I agree with you. I think clients fall in love with the dream/fantasy.The escort gives her undivided attention, in the allotted time, and that is what they fall in love with.
While the limited time together keeps us from seeing all the "bad stuff," clients do encounter some of the less glamorous aspects. For the one escort I've come closest to falling in love with . . . it wasn't because of her physical appearance or sexual skills, although in my eyes she's exceptionally beautiful and I love making love with her. It's her intelligence, wit and humor, love for her kids, wisdom, thoughtfulness, strong opinions and fascinating insights on a host of subjects, etc. And she's shared with me her problems, fears, hopes, dreams. We've disagreed and argued, without fear that it will shatter that illusion of perfect compatibility. (And another escort friend and I had several long discussions when her best friend, and later her father, died, and about her worries about her mother.)

Yes, all of this is still on a limited or superficial scale, constrained by the amount of time we spend with each other. If our situations ever changed and we mutually decided to pursue a relationship, we'd still need to learn a lot more about each other before any type of real commitment.

A lot of clients may mistake that limited connection for more than it really is, particularly if they're drawn to this by some emotional void in their life. But there IS something there more than sex and glamour, at times.

Thank you for your comments. Your experience sounds moving.
@ gillette: I think it's because they are dealing with a dream woman. Not all of her.

Yes, I do agree with you. I did appreciate a lot your post about Courtesans and I think that she represents the ideal woman every man would like to meet, don't you?

@ Nia: Unfortunately Italian is a very complex language if compared with English and every translator tool I did ever tried does a lot of mistakes, changing the meaning of everything.
I think the only way is to learn it :))))
I'm jokin' :))))
Try the google translator. It is the best I've found:

By the way IN ITALY johns do want to fall in love with escorts to save money! (LOL) :))))
However, as we've discussed, I have seen a great many girls write about falling in love with WEALTHY clients and struggling with the idea of becoming a "kept woman".

There is a close relationship between prostitution, girls who gravitate naturally towards men of success and modern society. Hint: Few knockouts marry auto mechanics.

I shall try the google translator. I did an Italian course years ago, but have forgotten it all :)


I would agree with those who say talking about being in love with somebody else is not good for business.

I still love the man I met as a client that I briefly had an exclusive relationship with, and now we went apart. Simply because his marriage means to much for him, and he stopped our relationship before it tore him apart. Unfortunately, it was too late for me.

But will I talk about this on any board or anywhere that my clients can see? Nope!

Thank you for your comments. I am sorry it ended that way.
Usually, it will be the fellow falling for the (dream)girl. That is more or less to be expected if the Lady is Good. Joanne-of-leeds has written on this a few days ago: Boundaries.

If the reverse happens, e.g. Lady falling-for-client, that might just be what the lonely punter is silently hoping for.

Some of the Working Ladies I've met would, seemingly, make excellent Partners. Remember, to do this job and do it really well, a Lady must necessarily be Intelligent and have a strong, mature personality (= Attractive).

When you have experienced some of the Excellent Courtesanes you become spoiled. The real-world GFE, the one that requires lots of time (and money), emotion, empathy and hard work (did I mention money), that GFE can be a bit bland in comparison to the Services that some Quality Ladies (just good actors?) provide.

Hence, because I've tasted "Escort Quality", Am I now incapable of going back to a "Normal" relationship ?

Is Good Companionship the drug for which I fell? I have managed to avoid tobacco, alcohol and various substances so far. Will Escorts be my downfall ?
Peter Leeds,

Thank you for your comments.It sounds like you may be hooked on good companionship.
Ptr_Leeds, There is no substitute for love, paid or otherwise. The sex you get with a working girl, or a chance encounter in an hotel is not the same as the sex you have with feelings attached. It can be boring, that's a given in a relationship, but never without emotion.

No paid for sex can ever come close. With paid for sex you get the best of attention and our good temper. When the door is closed, we go off and take a dump in the loo just like you do at home, and do you know what? it smells just as bad...LOL
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