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Verification by escorts in the US, seems to be tougher than here in the UK. I assume it is because of the law there.

Or is it?

I had a conversation with Beau yesterday.We were discussing how we thought most men in the UK, would not be happy to submit information about where they worked or even show you their ID.

Clearly if it is an Outcall, they have no option, but they do not necessarily have to tell you where they work.

I know a few women who ask clients for copies of their driving licence or passport, for Incall, but they are in a minority.

My understanding is that Incalls are more popular than Outcalls, in the industry, in the UK. I think part of this is because the clients, have less risk of being exposed this way.

Are the different verification approaches, mainly due to the different legal systems, or does culture have something to do with it?

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I don't know a huge amount about escorting in the US, but I think the ID thing is largely about proving tht you are not a police officer, or at least if you are a police officer, then that you are not currently investigating prostitution.

Even in the Dominican Republic, where all is legal, guys are usually quite circumspect about who they are and what they do, but it is noticeable that in the foyer of the Hotel Europa Plaza in Sosua, where i usually stay, are displayed badges of numerous police forces and firefighting organizations from the USA, which guests have presumably donated on behalf of their own employers!

Escorts will also ask for references from another escort. It will come as no suprise to you that men who have a taste for tropically tinted escorts will often visit more than one of the same.

While people in the UK are all of a dither about the possible or pending introduction of a national ID card, here in the US we have one, and always have had. It is called a driver's license, and people are used to having to show it all the time. These days you often are asked to give your phone number just to buy groceries in a supermarket, believe it or not, though you can opt out.

Yesterday I was asked for a driver's license in a store where I was buying a video of Singing in the Rain and had offered a credit card which I use a great deal--in fact I buy all my gasoline, groceries, and airline tickets with it. I was asked for a driver's license because the credit card was unsigned. I asked what difference it would make if it was signed, and they didn't really know, but told me that many people who don't sign their cards write "CID" on them. I didn't quite understand this, but later as I walked to my car, I realized that what people were writing was "See ID!". Duh!

So we are used to being asked to show a driver's license and must carry it at all times when driving, which basically means at all times--we being a highly motorized society with virtually no public transport.
Most ladies now want to feel more confident that the suitor is not a policeman.

Also, when a man knows that the escort knows where he works or where he lives, he is less apt to be physically abusive or steal from her. Girls also commonly accept references from other providers that are reputable in their market.
It has to do with the legal system. In Canada, licensed agencies and independent escorts are usually ignored by law enforcement. About the only thing that providers ask for is leave a phone number that can be used to confirm the appointment

I think Beau made this point yesterday. That in the US, it is the norm to ask for ID a lot of the time. That is what is done. Here, it is a different matter.

Asking for your phone number while you buy groceries, is taking things too far,lol.


Yes, I can see that there is a genuine fear of law enforcement, and rightly so.


So it is more lenient in Canada?
Different girls have required different things as security measures. Some asked to see my drivers license. Some wanted to see my business card. Some wanted to see my penis. Some wanted to FEEL my penis. Some had me touch them in ways that policemen would not.

The most hillarious thing is when ladies would simply ask me if I was employed by law enforcement in any way. I once answered "no, but I'd be under no obligation to answer that thruthfully if I were" (and I was shown the door). I'm always amazed at girls who think that is good security. It's about as effective as a telephone book against an assault rifle.
LOL @ Glengarry,

You cannot blame them. I wonder how feeling your penis is good security,LMAO.
A cop would (generally) never allow a prostitute to fondle his naked penis. Why? If he were to later arrest her, his conduct would likely be seen as morally impeachable by a jury. Why convict her if he did something as immoral as being naked with her.

It actually makes a fantastic point in terms of legalization here. Most prostitution arrests are settled outside of the courtroom, as it is difficult to obtain a conviction. The whole point is to not end up in that circumstance.


Prostitution is legal in Canada. There are some activities surrounding prostitution that are illegal. These are mostly to prevent street prostitution and pimping. Discussing sex for money in a public place will get you arrested, but discussing it in a private place is o.k. Independent providers and legitimate escort agencies are largely ignored by law enforcement.
I wonder how feeling your penis is good security,LMAO.

An escort can feel my penis for security any time they want!
(Well - gently anyway!)

B xxxx
Of course the reason that many men are circumspect is that they are married and terrified that information may get back to the wife, which is something that does not get discussed a lot on escort blogs.

I believe that both gg and myself are single, so we tend to take a different perspective from men who are married and use prostitutes.

This is an area that I have a lot of difficulty with. I know that most people, journalists included, who have been writing about prostitution recently in the wake of the Ipswich killing spree know absolutely nothing about prostitution, so I am vaguely amused at all the "solutions" that well meaning individuals offer up.

However, the problem is this. I don't have any particular issue with men cheating on their wives per se, but it does concern me when money that could be spent on their famiies and children is being spent outide the family on sex with hired help. I guess there are all kinds of ways you can justify it, for example, he might spend the same amount to go to a soccer game or a Broadway musical, but it still seems wrong to me.
james, watching porn, all affairs and Christmas parties are all wrong too. LOL.

In US, the pretense of verification is always against law enforcement officers. The enforcement and punishment varies from city to city, with population ranges from 30,000 people to millions.

In San Francisco, where they probably want to remove any US military bases if they can, it's almost another European city in terms of prostitution.

In other cities, you get tickets when you get busted. Of course many girls can afford the fines day after day. So after tickets, it's jail time. It's like holding you for the night with some technical excuses. Then it's like a week of jail time.

But each city or state have their own records. So you can carry on in another city and state. In addition, it's not an offense to have no ID. It's perfectly legal if you aren't caught driving. Most local LE aren't allowed to check immigration status, that means you don't need to present birth certificates, etc. So many girls are ID less and move around from state to state.

So it's rather harsh punishment if you get busted, especially if you are a US citizen with all the ID's that you can't afford to give up.

Of course there are many hidden agendas in verification. That the guy has a job, not a gangster, drug pusher, that he wasn't a danger to others girls he saw.

What I'm really onto is how common is ID check in UK? Never for me, never heard about it. Agencies are too happy to send girls to hotels, which would have some sort of ID checks. Here you can bust a whole meat packing factory of workers with fake ID's. Then almost all incall girls have a "maid", from a 3 bed detached house in the suburbs, Mayflower luxury apartments, to the worst looking Soho flats. That would be twice as secure as in US. Guys would freak out here if there's another person in the apartment.
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