Friday, October 24, 2008

Is sex with a prostitute cheaper than going on a date

Evan Maloney adds to the debate that sex with a prostitute may be cheaper than going on a date.

What I found interesting in the responses to the sex-versus-prostitute debate was that men assumed that women always wanted more than just sex from a date. Or, paradoxically, men assumed that dating ends in marriage (which suggests women are more successful in getting what they want from the dating game than men) and divorce (which suggests women don’t, in fact, know what they really want).
So you tell me, don’t women just want to enjoy some wild sex sometimes without wanting anything more from a man? Do men really think women always have their eye on the mating prize?

Evan Maloney raises an interesting point, that some men have difficulty knowing that they are used by some women just for sex.

Casual sex is okay for me as a hooker, but when I am not hooking it isn't.

I am allowed to be inconsistent.

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The man who pays for sex may find it costs him dearly when he looks back upon what he did in later life...

I am like you Nia. I don't do casual sex in my private life. If and when I do decide to have sex it will be more precious than gold.
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