Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Trying to survive a mad boss

I am so angry with one of my bosses. She is like a slippery snake.

I had a conversation with her last week, about some work that I had submitted. She gave me no indication that she was unhappy with my work.

Well, a few days later I get a phone call from her saying that she went to the board, as she was not happy with my work.

I was shocked, as I had no idea that she had a problem with it. I sent her a nasty email asking her why she was not upfront last week.She brought up stuff that had happened in the past, and I asked her why it had taken her three years to confront me.I was puzzled as she had never mentioned any of these issues during my appraisals over the three years. What is that about?

Her response was pure waffle.

I asked her to outline what her expectations of me were, and suprise suprise,more waffle.

I have no problems with her feedback. The issue for me is not so much what she has done, but how she did it.

This mad woman is chaotic, provokes anger in most people that work for her, and this is not the first time I have had to pull her up. The last time she apologised to me publicly.

I find it hard to let things go, that I feel are out of line. This is my struggle. I feel like telling her to stick her job at the moment, but have to wait until I find a replacement. It is so frustrating. However, I know it would be inconvenient for her if I was to walk out at the moment, and wish I could.

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Sometimes when the person you have to answer to, knows that you indeed are better/more qualified to do the job than they are, they feel they have to criticize your work in order to make them self feel better?

All I can say here is that you should remain calm when dealing with her, but knowing you as I do, I would suspect that you will anyway.

Jo x

Thank you for your comments. You are right. I spoke to a colleague, who has had similar issues with her, and he said it was her insecurities.

I am sorry I let you down. I sent her a nasty email.

The nature of my work, is such that I only have to see her a number of times a month. We communicate via email and phone most of the time. I am not responding at the moment, until I have cooled down.
Wow, this is like The Office, only in real life!
Entre Amigos,

Welcome back. It is not easy at the moment.
Hugs your you need more stress.....
Thank you Gillette.
It always amazes me that these "twits" end up in higher positions with no brains to prove it or talent! She is out of her league and you are clearly on top of your work. If you can hold out, do because in business, it all comes out in the wash eventually. She's cutting her own throat slowly. However, if you can't stand her, get out but know she will probably give you a bad review. SUCKs, doesn't it????
Simply Alexa,

Thank you for stopping by. The problem is that this woman has a gift in putting most of the staff backs up. I will try and hold out until I can move on.
Continuing to think about this situation. Have you kept copies of the emails? Could you not go higher and actually make a complaint about the unfair way you are being treated by this person.

Her flakiness, when being taken to task in surely unprofessional and unhelpful to you as a fellow worker. Do you now feel you are unsure of your ground as regards to what you are expected to deliver?

Take it further. She has shown that she cares not a jot about you, and is prepared to sacrifice you to save her own incompetence, so it seems.

Yes, I have copies of the emails. I am considering meeting with the board.

I am unsure of my ground now, as she has not given me clear guidelines.

The woman is stupid, and that is what I am having to deal with.
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