Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I read about the Indiana waitress who received a $10000 tip for college, and it brought tears to my eyes.

Kindness can make such a difference in any form. I am blessed to have received a lot of kindness over the years, and am surrounded by a number of kind friends, and members of my family.

My philosophy is that if you give, that someone somewhere, will give back to you, at some point in your life. I believe it is one of the laws of the universe.

I have seen it happen countless times in my life. I do not give to receive, but am aware when I do give, I get so much back.

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One of the things that moves me most is acts of kindness from others. Even a small kind act can bring tears to my eyes.

A woman, who I do not know, this week performed an act of kindness to someone close to me in a situation where she would have been very justified in turning her back.

That kindness ensured his safety in a situation where he was at some serious risk to himself.

It is such acts of kindness that I try to keep at the front of my mind in forming my view of the world.

Thank you for your comments.

It moves me too, as you know. The kindness of strangers is so powerful. I have faith in human nature, when I see and hear these things.
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