Friday, July 13, 2007


I saw Monty earlier this week. I first met him when I started escorting a few years ago.

The first conversation that I had with him, when he made contact, felt like an interview. I was amused, and puzzled at the time, as I wondered why he needed so much information for an hour's booking. I have seen him several times since, for dinner dates, and can see that he needed to check out whether we were compatible.

There are a number of rituals that Monty goes through whenever he makes contact. He calls me, and asks me whether I remember him. He is one of a number of my clients that I am unlikely to forget, because of who he is, and how he is. So, my usual response is that I could never forget him.

When I arrive at Monty's flat, he apologises for not having seen me in a while. This is not necessary, but I find it sweet. He does not live in London, even though he has a property here. He then starts to tell me, that he should see a lot more of me.

Monty is warm, charming, and well mannered. I am a sucker for charm, and enjoy being around him.

We have a catch up on what has been going on for both of us, and Monty cannot believe that I remember all the stuff that he has told me over the years.

We were lying down in his living room, in various states of undress, and he said that he was having so much fun that there was no need to do anything else. That is a first for Monty, but I thought if that is what he wants, it is cool with me.

Within minutes, he mentioned that we needed to proceed to the bedroom. Monty is the sort of gentleman who could be defined as stiff upper lip, if you saw him on the street. He went to the right schools, and universities, and has been brought up well. However behind closed doors, he is playful, sensitive and fun, and this is a major turn on for me.

I was in cowgirl and he told me that I was marriage material. I could not control myself, and burst out laughing, and asked him how marriage came into it. We are so at ease with each other, that we were able to have this conversation in the heat of the moment, and it did not affect anything. I told him about sigheh which he found fascinating. The marriage issue, is another ritual that we go through, and cracks me up each time.

Monty felt that I had improved (his words) since he first met me. He thought I had lost a lot of weight ( I have not, but am probably more toned, thank god the gym is having an effect) .

One of the things that I love about my regular clients, is that they notice things about me that are different, and I find it sweet, and flattering. The improvement issue I accept, as Monty sees a variety of escorts across the UK, and is a prolific reviewer. I am the only black escort he has ever seen though.

We share similar interests, and Monty used to work in my organisation, before I came on board, years ago. I updated him on what things are like now, which he is aware of, as he still keeps in touch with a number of people. We had a heated discussion about how bad things are now, and how lots of people are losing their jobs.

Whenever I hear from Monty, it usually is last minute, as he has to work out an escape plan if he is not alone. I would never contact a client either by text or email without their consent, and Monty knows that. However, this week, Monty asked me to text him, if I lost my job. There is a lot of restructuring going on at work, and people are being laid off all the time. I was touched when he said this.

Monty kept on saying that he felt that I was a friend, and that he was not joking, and emphasised that he would never blur the boundaries.

I had fun, and always have fun with him, and walked away from his flat with a big smile on my face.

Have a good weekend.

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What a lovely tale. It's great to hear of you having enjoyed an appointment like this.

Have a great weekend too.

B xx

Thank you for your comments. It makes a huge difference when I enjoy myself. However, I know it is not about me, but my clients enjoying themselves.
I think we all do a better job when we are enjoying our work.

B xx
What a fun encounter, Nia. I'm so happy you have some regulars that you connect with. Makes it so much fun, yes? He sounds wonderful.

Had to laugh about his remark about your weight. Whenever someone says something to my like " REALLY look good TODAY," even though I know they don't mean it that way, I keep jokingly thinking "did they just say I'm usually ugly?"

Thank you for your comments.

A connection makes it so much fun. Monty makes me laugh, but he wonders whether I am laughing at him.

ROFLMAO@the weight comment. I guess I had changed since he last saw me,lol.
I don’t think that I’ve ever been the subject of a blog before, but I suppose there’s always a first time for everything!

“…warm, charming, and well mannered” - Nia, you have quite turned my head. But your blog was just as much about the two of us, and the fact that the enjoyment we get when we meet is mutual. For me time spent with you has always been great fun, as I knew it would be from that first telephone “interview” you mention.

I always think it’s a wonderful world we live in provided we recognise the importance of being nice to each other and having fun. It shouldn't be too much effort for any of us. You and I seem to manage it and I think that applies to my experience of meeting other girls, although I can think of one or two encounters I have had that turned out to be a bit of a strain!

Anyway, I enjoyed your blog and think that others may have as well. Thanks Nia.

Thank you for stopping by *blushes*.

I like the idea that I have turned your head,lol. You will always be fun to be around.
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