Friday, July 06, 2007

Stressed out in London

I got an email from my boss saying that I was due for an appraisal. A few days later, I got some more mail from another boss elsewhere, saying that I needed to appraise six people that I manage.

I mentioned how I feel about giving appraisals here, and nothing has changed since then.

I am worried about my own appraisal, as I had forgotten about it. My boss is so laid back, that we did not have one last year.

I looked back at my objectives, and for the first time ever, I have not met all of them. So, I am worried, and yet I know that my boss is not likely to raise hell. It is just me feeling uncomfortable about having to explain myself, although I have valid reasons.

The six appraisals that I have to do for the staff, I am worried about, because some people take it so personally. To date noone has said I am a nightmare to work with, but who knows what they are saying behind closed doors. I have not picked up any vibes, so I am assuming all is okay.

Why I am stressing?

Have a great weekend.

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One way to do staff appraisals is to give staff a copy of the appraisal form and ask them to rate themselves. Often you will be surprised how honest they are, and this will lead to discussion of "opportunities for improvement", aka faults, and setting goals for the future.

"Now, little Ms. Nia, don't you feel that you are spending just a bit too much time blogging and coming to work looking totally shagged out from your part-time "job". Not wanting to criticize or anything..."
It's inherently stressful, even if done well. :-( And giving and receiving appraisals are both uncomfortable. Not sure which is worse -- it's been awhile since I've had to do much of it from the manager side of the desk. Hard to remember all the emotions. But I suspect most managers/supervisors consider it the worst part of the job. At least, behind having to fire or lay off or demote someone.

Good luck, and TRY not to stress too much. :-)

Entre Amigos,

Thank you for your comments. I like the approach of staff rating themselves. It is not something that they do in this organisation, though.

So you are not grateful that I can share my shagged out photos with you,lol?


Thank you for your comments. You understand completely. It is the one part of my job, that I dread.

Last year, one of the staff was moved to another department, as a result of what came up in her appraisal with me. Her behaviour was unacceptable, and I am glad that she moved, but did not like the process. It had to be done.'s my appraisal of you here: You're great, reaching way beyond expectation and any goal setting your audience might have had. You're tops, insightful, informative, always polite and kind. You get eleven stars out of ten. And a raise. And extra vacation time, plus a massage a week and a box of chocolates as a part of your new benefit package.
You are stressing because you are a kind soul Nia, and I know that ! Don't worry too much though because they wouldn't be bothered if the roles were reversed.

jo x x

Thank you for your comments. I am so touched, and you brought tears to my eyes. I desperately need that massage a week, I cannot remember when I last had one. Thank you for reminding me,lol.


Thank you for your comments. You brought tears to my eyes too.
Oh Nia - I know the feeling as these were one of the things I hated most in my corporate slave days. The said corporate believed in formal appraisals with '360 degree feedback'...what a load of tosh!

Livvy xxx
Is it that time of year already?

I remember us discussing all this last year!

At least last year, although stressful, seems to have had a positive outcome for you if the problem member of staff was moved. At least you won't have to appraise her this year.

Done well it is developmental. I hope that, both as an appraiser and an appraise, you manage to get through it in a way that creates opportunities for growth for all of you.

You worry because you quite properly take these things seriously rather than just as another hoop to jump through.

Good luck.

I'm sure they will all go well.

B xx

Thank you for your comments. I share your feelings, as you know.


Thank you for your comments.

There is no set time for assessments, for me.


We have a lot of new staff, and calculate it, from when they started working for us.

Yes, I am glad that I got rid of that member of staff. I was going to work, looking like the photo on this post.
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