Friday, June 22, 2007

Vice Tactics in Hong Kong

I feel for the escorts in Hong Kong. It seems that the vice cops manage to get through their verification.

What chance do they have when vice cops use these tactics?

The vice cops become regulars and then make their arrests. Taxpayers in Hong Kong are concerned that this is being done at their expense.

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The US has cops that aren't always on the upside of the surprised. But my, what beneifits they have over there!!!

Thank you for your comments. It seems in Hong Kong, the force has no problem with their tactics.

My understanding is that in the US, vice are not allowed to take their clothes off, or receive services from prostitutes or escorts.
I wonder how "regular" a regular has to be before he is deemed a regular..LOL Ten times? twenty?? MORE???? PMSL
Ummm, not exactly.

There is no legal rule prohibiting it, just as the validity of a drug bust would not be compromised by a undercover cop having participated in previous buys to protect his cover.

But it's usually not necessary for a prostitution arrest, as merely the offer to exchange sex for money suffices to make the case (and the offer may be "implied" by ads or ambiguous statements). So, since it's not necessary and the taxpayers wouldn't like it, most police forces have policies against actually engaging in sex to make the bust. But the policies are determined generally at a municipal level, rather than nationally or even by state. Not all police departments have such a policy, and even if they do, some cops may violate it.

At least, my understanding. :-)

Conventional wisdom is that sometimes cops may also go ahead and have their fun, then decline to arrest the girl, and even threaten to arrest her in order to coerce return of the money. Particularly despicable.


Thank you for your comments,PMSL. You raise an important point. I think the definition will be varied for these vice cops.


Thank you for clarification. It sounds complex. Thankfully, the situation is different in the UK.
'It is an ethical issue' (as the law professor quoted in the article puts it)? You can say that again! It makes one feel strangely lucky that being an escort isn't illegal here in the UK. Like you I feel for these women and for those to whom Chevalier refers...

Livvy xxx

Thank you for your comments. We are lucky that it is legal here.
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