Friday, June 08, 2007

Former prostitutes in Turkey running for parliament

Two former prostitutes in Turkey will be running for parliament.

They may want to speak to Lindi St Clair also known as Miss Whiplash, who ran for the Corrective party.

You can read more about Lindi St Clair in her book It's Only a Game: The Autobiography of Miss Whiplash

Have a good weekend.

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Does that woman in the picture know she has forgotten to put on a skirt or trousers? Where do you find these photos Nia!!!!

Do you know also of Cicciolina a porn star who became an Italian MP?

She was married to Jeff Koons who produced some art works featuring her.

Thank you for your comments,ROFL.

You know you love that photo,LOL.

No I have not heard of Cicciolina. Thank you for the link.
Yes I do love that photo. You know me far too well Nia!!!

B xx
One thought.. there is nothing worse than a reformed amoker/prostitute/whatever.

They want to close all the brothels down? They wouldn't get my vote with pie in the sky ideas like that !
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