Thursday, May 31, 2007

Escorts and Body Image

I have started watching How to look good naked on channel four, on Tuesday .

I prefer this makeover programme to others that I have seen, and like Gok Wan's approach.

He does not attempt to change any of the women on the show with plastic surgery, but works with what they have, and teaches them to love their bodies as they are.

The escort industry is focused on how you look, there is no getting away from that. However, clients tastes are varied, and I believe there is work for everyone out there, as I mentioned in Kiss my Fat Ass. We do not all need to be one size.

Most of the escorts that I have met, have parts of their bodies that they do not like. Watching the programme, and seeing the women and their confidence shift, was amazing.

As escorts I believe that we need to have a certain amount of confidence in our bodies ; as we are naked with total strangers most of the time.

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This seems to be true for all women, don't you think?

Thank you for your comments. I think it is true for most women. There are people out there who are comfortable with who they are.
I'm sure it is all to do with confidence. There are women one can se in the street of all shapes and sizes. The ones who are sexually attractive are those who are self confident in themselves and wear clothes that emphasise their body rather than trying to hide it.

Confidence is all.

The problem is compounded for working girls because we have to be a certain dress size and shape to please the eye of the punter. Having to constantly be aware of what we eat, and how much exercise we take, is a fruitless exercise and confidence can be in short supply for many of us.

Thank you for your comments. Yes, it is great seeing confident women, of all shapes and sizes.


Thank you for your comments. I wonder whether any research has been done on escorts and confidence?
Escorts and confidence. Something of a misnomer connection here I think ! Definitley a contender for oxymoron of the week :)
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