Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Virgin Prostitutes

I am struggling here. The debate about Hala Sarhan and her TV show is amusing. She had four women who appeared on the show who claimed to be prostitutes. They claimed that they had been manipulated to say that. Once they realised the impact of their statements on Television, particularly the accusations they made towards the Egyptian police, they were no longer prostitutes.

To prove that they were not prostitutes they went for forensic examinations,reputations were at stake.The forensic report proved that they were virgins with intact hymens. However they showed signs of heavy anal use.

My understanding of a virgin, is a person who has never had sex. I do not differentiate between anal or vaginal sex. It seems that in Egypt they do.

A claim that 80% of prostitutes in some parts of Egypt are virgins from part of the article here is misleading, I believe.

It is not possible to be a Prostitute and a virgin at the same time, in my view.

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Of course you can be a prostitute and a virgin, depending slightly on what you mean by these terms.

A woman who gives hand jobs is committing an act of prostitution in many, if not most, jurisdictions, but clearly she may be a virgin according to practically any definition you like, if she has not been penetrate vaginally, anally, or orally.

"Prostitutes wanted. No sexual experience necessary as training will be provided in classroom and practical situations. Must like working with people".
James, get your tongue out of your cheek and behave !
Will you smack my bottom if I don't?
It is amazing how "sex" is constantly defined and redefined!
I think you get more than enough bottom smacking in the DR James ! LOL

Sorry about this Nia, but the man needs taking in hand.. !!!

Thank you for your comments. Exactly what do each of us mean when we use these terms?


Let me know what you do with James?


Thank you for your comments. It is hard keeping up with the definitions.
What, you mean you're not a virgin Nia? Scandalous! :-)

I offered to smack James' bottom before but he never took me up on that - might I offer again?

Livvy xxx

Thank you for your comments. Moi a virgin,ROFLMAO. I take it you are then?
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