Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Major award

Janice Raymond is to receive an outstanding award for her outstanding contribution, against the war on trafficking. This is her life work, and she is not popular.

The cost to her, is that she receives hate mail, death threats, cannot give out her phone number or address, or have her picture taken.

It is amazing, that she continues her work, given the dangers she faces. Traffickers are ruthless as Julia O'Connell Davidson points out here.

It is not an easy job to do. I think she is an inspiration, and I salute her.

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Wow, what a fantastic woman.

Love the blog by the ay.

Yes, she is an inspiration. Thank you for stopping by.
I suppose once someone sets out on a certain route, it is hard to stop, and therefore easier in some ways just to carry on despite the awful consequences?

Thanks for your comments. She is a remarkable woman.
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