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The long arm of justice

Father Gerry Nugent is using the same lines as Randall Tobias. He claims he took prostitutes back to his church but only for sexual fumblings.

He said: "Yes, there were times when I used prostitutes. God, it was about November 2005 when I was back drinking. I was on a real low at the time.

"I took prostitutes back to the church on two separate occasions. It was because I was drinking. I didn't know what I wanted. I didn't even have sex with them. It was more of a sexual fumble."

Amazingly, Nugent alleged that Archbishop Conti's predecessor, the late Cardinal Winning, knew about his weakness for women and offered his support. The priest said: "He was superb. He said to me: 'Gerry, I am concerned about you.' He was compassionate. He was very helpful.

"When I spoke to him about the issues, he promised: 'This is just between you and I, Gerry'."

The Church has reacted to the scandal by effectively sacking him and attempting to make sure he never works anywhere else as a priest.

Malcolm Savidge, the Labour MP for Aberdeen North, who was actively involved in representing victims of abuse at the city's Nazareth House Catholic children's home, said the Church should re-examine its policies for dealing with priests such as Father Nugent.

"Trying to look after the reputation of the Church, rather than the welfare of people, simply leads to the Church being brought into even greater disrepute in the longer term," he said.

MSP Margaret Mitchell, the Scottish Conservatives' former justice spokeswoman at Holyrood, said the Church should look at how Nugent was able to have such a different public persona to his private life without senior clerics knowing. "The Church needs to look at the whole issue," she said.

Quotes from Demand for Church enquiry as priest admits using prostitutes by Richard Elias of the News Scotsman.

Could someone define sexual fumblings for me please?

Then we have David Lee Miller Jr., 43, a former crime scene investigator, defensive tactics instructor who assisted two brothels.

A former Sunnyvale police officer was sentenced Monday to a year and a day in federal prison for helping two brothels avoid police raids, find fleeing prostitutes and collect tens of thousands of dollars in bogus immigration fees from employees who were illegal immigrants.

David Lee Miller Jr., 43, a former crime scene investigator, defensive tactics instructor and longtime SWAT team member with the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety, pleaded guilty in January 2005 to two counts of conspiracy to commit extortion.

At a hearing Monday in San Jose, when U.S. District Judge James Ware asked Miller if he had anything to say, he said in a barely audible voice, "I think I'll be sick if I talk." Miller declined comment afterward.

Miller, a Sunnyvale officer for 15 years, was arrested for his part in a scheme to smuggle women from Korea to the United States, charge them tens of thousands of dollars for the trip and then force them to work as prostitutes at the two South Bay brothels until the debt was repaid.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeff Nedrow said Monday that Miller jeopardized the safety of his colleagues when he alerted brothels to impending raids. Miller also helped recover women who fled their debt and the sex trade, authorities said.

Crystal Palace owners employed Miller, paying him in cash and sex, and would contact him at the main Sunnyvale switchboard or through his personal cellular phone. Miller accompanied club owners to Hawaii and Las Vegas to find women who had fled their debt, Nedrow said.

But Miller's attorney, Paul Meltzer, said his client had already been punished because he has lost his job, his wife has divorced him and his reputation has been ruined.

Quotes from One year for police officers who assisted two brothels by Henry Lee of the San Francisco Chronicle.

I understand that Miller has lost his wife and reputation, but I think one year is a lenient sentence for trafficking.

Could any legal eagles explain to me, why he got a year.

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Definition of fumbling: Unsuccessful attempts to get hard.

In these situations people never, ever tell the whole truth.

Why did the San Francisco cop only get a year and a day? It sounds like an incredibly light sentence, but probably he turned queen's evidence, or whatever the phrase is in the US, and struck a plea bargain with the prosecutors. Clearly there were other individuals who were more involved in the trafficking than he was.

Thank you for the definition,lol.
Hmmm, 'sexual fumblings' - I'd say that was feeling up someone's boobies...not that I'd ever do a thing like that... :-)

Livvy xxx

Thank you for your comments. I think I know what you are capable of,lol.
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