Wednesday, May 02, 2007

LA Player on blogging

LA Player pays for the ultimate intimate encounters, and he tells us how he does it in his blog.

What is the first weblog you came across?

Maybe in 2004, when Xanga first ranked top 100 at Alexa. I found a few pitiful blogs about prostitution.

Why did you start blogging?

It's logical after playing in discussion boards, then I had my rather popular local oriented groups. But the traffic became one way. So it's natural to jump ship when the blog format became popular, and when I could find more like minded bloggers well after 2004.

Which blogs do you read?

I subscribe to all the blogs in my links. Even for my less favorable authors, I read at least the title of the entries.

What appeals to you about the blogs you read?

It has to be something not too superficial about interactions between call girls and their clients, and that I can identify with.

Whose writing do you particularly admire?

Nia of course, when I have enough energy to cope with the current events and issues. Otherwise, it has to be college call girl. The details keep me interested, even without writing about sex (I'm highly visual anyway). Particularly, I know much more about say London than New York.

In your reading do you seek out different points of view ?

Naturally, just on the legalization front I think I'm different from everybody else.

How do you choose items to link?

I list all the postings that I find particularly interesting for any reasons. As for authors, I'm rethinking about it all the time. Currently I list all authors that claim they are or have been available for hire.

What is your policy on comments?

Minimal, just enough to prevent advertising spam robots.

Do you ever receive abusive comments , how do you handle it ?

Yes, and I'm so proud of them that I always link to them with highest profile.

Where do you find interesting links?

From postings that I read.

Do you ever write to provoke a reaction, how do you do that ?

I don't remember any except for James - open fire first and apologize later.

How much traffic do you get?

It's irrelevant for me as, like most bloggers after a while, you know how to be popular, but that is just not what I want. On Barbie Dolls, I get over 100 hits a day.

What is your rank on technorati?

I opened an account and never looked back. I think the links to yourself counts.

Has your writing changed since you started blogging?

I camouflaged my writing style and content a little when I started this new blog. Now it's 100% me, except for some confessions that I can't make at this point.

How many hours do you spend online a day?

A few minutes to catch up with the subscriptions.

How much time do you spend on your site a day?

When I write, it's when I have 10 minutes here and there, in between DVR time, snack time, and some other chores. The reminiscing could take a lot longer though.

How many blogs do you read?

All blogs in my link and more.

How do you find new blogs?

Follow links in other blogger's postings.

How much reader email do you get?

Very little, a player does not fancy commitments, and if you know what RTFF means, you'll understand.

What do you think makes a successful blog?

The same thing that makes a successful call girl - sell what people want to buy.

What is your advice for a new blogger?

A moment of glory isn't forever.

How has blogging changed your life?

Nothing, it reflects my life.

What blogs do you think deserve wider recognition and why?

College call girl, who is able and willing to write about the reality as I know it. I'm sure everybody else, like me, has some wild secrets that they cannot confess yet.

What are your hobbies?

Sex tapes.

How has your blog changed over the years?

It started as a john's adventure but now it's more of a memoir. I'm sure it will change again, or I'll be rich.

Are you fairly accurate in predicting which of your items will be widely linked?

Very accurate, as my contents aren't suitable for linking.

Do you have a background in writing?

Believe it or not, my work has to get into document form before it counts. So I write for a living, and in English. But I enjoy writing in my own let the hair down style.

When do you blog?

Late night if not on DVR.

With regard to blogging what was your most memorable moment?

When, for a brief moment, I felt Clandestine call girl liked me for what I am. The same feeling from a call girl who likes me (as long as I pay the going rate).

Would you read your site?

I enjoying reading my own posts, reminiscing along the way.

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I would like to add that my memorial moments in the blogosphere include all the times that someone links to me, thanks me for linking to them, the author who asked me to add his book to my obscure list, Compartment Girl and others who put me on their worth reading list, and Gillette who tagged me. But just as clients or companions fall in and out of flavor, I tend to remember Clandestine Callgirl, because we have common interest in BBQ and raw fish.

Thank you for taking part.
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