Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Changes in Prostitution law in Norway

The Labour party in Norway has voted to make the purchase of sexual services illegal. The prostitutes are in opposition to this law, as they do not feel it will protect them.

One female prostitute from Eastern Europe who's lately been working on Oslo's streets called the proposed ban "crazy" as long as selling sex remains legal. She said, though, that she'd probably "go home," which seems to be exactly what the poiticians and Norwegian prostitutes want.

An influx of foreign prostitutes has literally taken market share from Norwegian prostitutes, and the foreigners are known for being more aggressive. They've also expanded the trade from traditional areas of town (most recently, the streets behind the Akershus Fortress called Kvadraturen) to such main streets as Karl Johans Gate, and that's raised the ire of locals and tourists alike.

It remains unclear whether prostitutes' customers face fines or jail terms if caught buying sexual services. Storberget promised to draft a proposed law "as quickly as possible" and police will get more resources to enforce it.

Quotes from Labour votes to limit sex trade by Nina Berglund of Aftenposten.

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What is the logic behind it being illegal to purchase sexual services, but legal to sell sexual services?

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