Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No laughing matter

The finalists on the Any dream will do TV show hosted by Graham Norton have had some noisy neighbours.

I know how that feels,as I have mentioned here.

SQUEAKY-CLEAN finalists on family telly show Any Dream Will Do have been caught up in a sleazy vice scandal.

The £3million mansion they have been put up in for the BBC talent show is being used by a string of prostitutes.

Hookers have been sneaking through a side gate to use the rear of the property to “service” clients.

And the sound of them moaning and groaning has been keeping the young telly contestants awake all night.

But their hopes of a decent night’s sleep have been shattered by the hookers, who have turned the rear of the property into a vice den.

The lads discovered the mansion’s seedy secret after hearing noises in the night and looking out to see the working girls hard at it.

Used condoms litter the back yard the following mornings.

The show insider said: “At first they thought it was really funny. But it’s happened a few times and now it’s not a laughing matter any more.

“These boys need their sleep. The last thing they need is to hear hookers carrying on with punters right on their doorstep.

“They thought they had been moved to a nice area, but neighbours have told film crews it is well known for hookers.”

Quotes from Dream Show Vice Shock by the Daily Star.

Can punters and hookers have sex, without making so much noise?

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Sleeping pills might help with this problem.

It is good to know that condoms are being used, but they should put out trash cans in the yard for disposal.

Prostitutes must be trained to bite their lips in moments of extreme passion.

Thank you for your comments.

What do their clients need to be trained to do, in moments of extreme passion.
How utterly disgusting...PMSL
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