Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Attachment,loss and pets

I came across an article where a grieving couple committed suicide after their pet died.

I have met people who have told me, that the loss of their pet, has had more of an impact than members of their family or friends. I struggle to take them seriously.

I am still trying to understand this. I know it happens, but I guess I never see myself in that position.

I have lost a number of dogs over the years, but those losses can never compare to any friends or family that I have lost.

We all have our different ways of dealing with grief.

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My sister's family always keeps two dogs, an old one and a young one, so that when the old one dies the younger one can transition into the senior position and a new pup be drafted into the vacancy.

This seems to work quite well, and so far no suicides, though they did consider euthanazing their son when he failed his college exams.

Thank you for your comments.

My aunt was so distressed when her dog died, she vowed to never have another one. I think she was aware that she may be suicidal too.
All your dog ever does in the whole of its life is love you. Is it any wonder that when they die, a little bit of us dies too?

I keep pets. Oh boy do I keep them. Because of my children we have a regular menagerie on the go. Like James, we have two dogs, and when one dies we don't feel quite as bas as if there was only one.

I can understand about the couple who did this. The dog was their life their "child". Thery probably loved that dog more than each other. How very sad.

Thank you for your comments.

A close friend of mine has dogs,cats,pigeons and rabbits, and is probably collecting more as we speak.

If she were to be suicidal when all these animals die, it would be tragic.
Kinda when a beloved pet dies, a part of the owner dies along. That dog must be treated as much as a real person to the couple.

Thank you for your comments. I understand what you are saying.
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