Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Risks,limits and threats

There are some men who visit escorts who believe because they are paying, they have the right to do what they like with escorts.

When I meet a client, I tend to have some idea of what his expectations of our time together are. He has an idea of what my limitations are.

During our meeting, I have the right to say no, if I feel uncomfortable. If a client is too rough with me, banging into my cervix, and likely to cause internal injuries, then things are brought to an end.

I had a friend call me yesterday who runs an agency. She told me something that I found disturbing. Fortunately, the escort refused to go along with this request, and left.

This may not always be the case. Some escorts put up with unacceptable behaviour, because they may be desperate, naive, or are not getting enough work. In some cases the undesirable creatures that they see, threaten to write negative reviews.

They may be faced with irresponsible reviewing if they go along with it.

Most of these guys believe if they pull the negative review card, the escort will comply.

College call girl has a similar story here.

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Okay. here we go... fifth attempt at posting on this subject.

If you get a call from guy wanting to see you and he sounds really nice and polite, and the timing is right etc... you go ahead and see him.

If when you get to him ( it's always an out call I find when things go wrong in this way) he is again polite and nice, offers you a drink and has a chat with you, you are feeling okay and think he is nice, it comes as a horrible surprise when he is in fact a pig.

This has happened to me but a few times in my short career and each time I have been seduced into thinking the guy was alright, and by the time he shows his true colours the booking is halfway over so I have gritted my teeth and taken my punishment, counting the minutes and making a resolution never to see him again.

I have been nipped, and gripped, bruised, hoisted up with the guy grabbing the soft flesh between my thighs, I have had them hold my arms while they brutally take me from behind and ram themselves into me so I feel that my tummy will burst.

Then it's a quick clean up and on my way........

I deal with it in my head by making sure my friends on ladies boards are aware of him and do not dwell on what he did.

I have one of these guys down on my mobile as "gag and puke" because that is what he made me do, (and cry too).

I have been pinned to the wall by one psycho who would not let me go until I lied and said I had a heavy waiting outside....

Point is, how are we to know, if they appear normal?

I suspect this is what all murderers and deranged rapists do.

Sorry for this one, but it does happen to us from time to isolated time.

Thank you for your comments. The situation you describe is outrageous, and yes I have been there too.

Stay safe.
Nia, I suspect most of us have at some point to a lesser degree, or God forbid, even worse.

I have heard of some girls who are not afraid to punch an aggressive client. I would have problems making a fist.
Scary stories Jo, Nia.

I heard the ladies in the US use a referral system. The ask a prospective customer for a minimum of two referrals: other ladies that can vouch for him.

It would make finding your "first" date a bit difficult.

Thank you for your comments. Scary and yet not unusual.
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