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I have difficulty with people losing their jobs if they are caught seeing escorts, or if it is discovered that they are an escort.

I understand that if you work in public office, in the UK, you have no chance whatsoever. The Duke is a good example.

I am yet to come across a client or escort, who has a day job and who is employed; that has no problem sharing this part of their life with their employer.

I have expressed my fears here and it was too close for comfort here.

Well this is another case of someone losing their job.

You may recall that Arizona Cardinals assistant coach Richie Anderson was arrested for attempting to solicit a prostitute ... if you were wondering if he could keep his job through such an ordeal, the answer, apparently, is no. The Cardinals fired him today.

This may not be a popular view, but I think firing the man is a little on the harsh side of things. Some Minnesota Vikings take some women on a boat to perform some kind of a sexual act, and they're all still in the league. A guy can inject fourteen different kinds of horse steroids into his heiney, and he'll be back in four games. There have been guys arrested for assaulting their girlfriends, and they never miss a game.

Quotes from Cardinals Fire Their Solicitor of Prostitutes by New Orlean Saints.

Okay, I understand that in the US, it is illegal, so he broke the law.

However, if it was legal, do you think he would have had the same treatment?

I do not understand how what I do in my private life, has any effect on the work I do in my day job.

If you are not doing anything illegal, what is the problem?

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I think escorts and clients are always likely to be in trouble with their employer if found out. I guess this is especially the case if they have a high profile job or come into contact with the public as part of their job.

It would be interesting to see what happened if someone was sacked and went to an employment tribunal to claim unfair dismissal.

Can you remember what the outcome was of a social worker who was threatened with dismissal when it was found out she was an escort?

Because of the dangers of being found out I was surprised in your post on Recommendations that a group of lawyers from the same firm all discussed their escort encounters with each other.

B xx

Thank you for your comments. Yes, the whole issue around public confidence.

I have a sense that anyone in this position, would not take it to tribunal, because of the stigma. I hope someone does, though.

I think the social worker lost her job.

Yes, the lawyers, clearly discuss their exploits with each other,lol.

I guess if they are all in on it, there is nothing to lose, right?

I wonder how they do it, sit down at the pub, and talk about which escort they have seen,lol
Do you think soccer players in the UK would lose their jobs if they were found to have seen an escort? No, I don't either.

It seems like double jeopardy for this guy, but maybe there was some type of "morals" clause in his employment contract that he breached.

Often when someone is fired from a job the nominal firing offense is just the tip of the iceberg in a series of conflicts, and possibly this is such a case. If he had been seen as a popular and indispensible part of the team set up would he have been fired? I just don't know.

Apparently he was married, so that may have compounded the perception of the offense. In the eyes of the general community, especially in the US, but really I think everywehre, if a good looking, youngish, successful, married man is caught soliciting a prostitute, then this is seen as something being seriously wrong with him.

I am sure there is an interesting back story that has not been told and never will. I invite him to give an interview to my blog, but it will never happen.

Thanks for your comments.

No, soccer players here have seen escorts, and they do not lose their jobs.

Why do you feel there has to be a back story?
Why do I think there has to be a back story?

Well, the guy is married with two sons, so right off the bat the question arises as to whether his marriage is in disarray, or whether he is a serial pooner, which is a story in itself. Is it customary for married NFL players and coaches to use prostitutes, or is it regarded as exceptional? Do the players stand to be fired for the same thing, or are expectations different for a coach because he stands in a position like a teacher, a person in authority?

Or simply, what is his story? Does he have alcohol or drug problems? Does he have problems with impotence? Was the decoy a man or a woman?

There is always a back story, because I as a reader always want to know WHY.

I have taken the liberty of posting a version of this story on my own blog and have asked Mr. Anderson t respond and tell his own story. Of course the chances of that happening are practically nil, but he can't say he didn't have the chance to put his side of the argument to the world.

I am not certain, but I do not think it would be unusual for NFL players to use prostitutes. Maybe the other readers from the US can confirm this.

Interesting if there is one rule for coaches, and another for players.
No, somehow I doubt whether the players of the Arizona Cardinals are too shocked. I just hope this news that there are prostitutes operating in the Arizona desert (and possibly watching them playing in their crotch-huggingly tight pants) does not put them off their stride.

On the other hand, players in the NFL are known for being markedly religious, so I am not too sure what the prevailing atmosphere is in the locker room. It may vary from team to team. Anderson had previously made it known that his preferred dinner guests would include his wife and Jesus Christ. No mention of escorts, I'm sorry to have to tell you, but don't take it personally. I have a feeling he would have added you to the guest list, had he made your aquaintance.
I was reading "Callgirl" today and in it the author talks about how society regards working ladies. the question ahe asked people was something along the lines of how would you feel if you found out that your child's schoolteacher was a prostitute?

Truthful answer? I would have to meet her before I made any comment, but I would be slightly disturbed about it, and I am a working girl too.

I think it is the "not in my back yard" analogy which applies here.

Whatever gave you the impression, that I would be added to the guest list?

Thank you for your comments. I understand, and will do a post on this.
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