Monday, March 12, 2007


Recommendations are not unusual in the escort industry. I have had escorts give their clients my number, and I have done the same.

I had a client who recommended me to a number of friends in his office. I realised what had happened, when I suddenly had a number of lawyers working in the same firm visit me, in one month.

Sadly, a client may behave himself with me, and could be a monster when he visits my friend. I recognise that I have no control over this, whatsoever.

I usually have no problem recommending anyone, because nothing has ever gone wrong.

I have just read Joanne's post on stalkers, and I would hate to think that I ever recommended a client, who became a stalker.

Here are my views on obsessive clients

Clearly, if I knew that the clients I recommended were stalkers, I would not recommend them. I can only hope that things will be okay, when I make recommendations.

Have a good week!

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Hi Nia,

From my experience which is limited, I would have to say that the stalker by nature is a coward. He will not show you his face but will do plenty of "behind the scenes" mischief to disturb and frighten you, thus displaying a kind of power over you.

I would also go as far as to say that the stalker might not even be a punter either.

Thank you for your comments. I think most stalkers like to hide who they are. I knew who was stalking me, and they did not want to hide it.
Nia, others,

No Respect for Stalkers: It can be truly scary for the stalked. This is why both providers and customers must be Very Discreet and Very Careful in this business. Even with regulars or "trusted" partners. People can change over time.

But on the topic of Recommendations: There are Two types.

By (regular) Ladies: those are generally good recommendations.
By agents: those are always to be avoided. Even those from known, good agents.
When calling an agent: prepare and stick to your shortlist. Determine your negociation-space up front, and stick to it. Take note of agent-recommendations, but only accept them after due dilligence (research!).

.. was tempted to write lengthy text, but lemme give it some though, possibly turn it into a blog-entry..

Keep Going Nia! your writings are both witty and informative.

Thank you for your comments. Yes, the worrying thing is when people change.

It sounds like you have not had a good experience with agencies.

Like to think I'm neutral on Agencies vs Indies. Had good and less-good experience from both. There are some Truly Nice Ladies working for agencies too, and they have their reasons to do it that way. The topic popped up briefly again on a (quiet-ish, agency-run) board a few days back.

But agency-recommendations are to be treated with .. well .. sceptiscism. (I'm now seriously considering a blog on this..).
Just a follow-up: My curiosity Always gets the better of me. For Various reasons I took another Agency-recommendation recently (sperm-of-the-moment, Lady on edge of shortlist).

It was a Good Date!

But the Lady was Awfully Chatty about a lot of topics. It was quickly obvious that the agent had sent her to me in the hope of getting a nice review.

Still a Good Date. But again, an ambivalent feeling. Cant help but feel just, possibly, a bit manipulated.

Do the agency know that you are a reviewer, before you book?
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