Thursday, March 01, 2007

World Book day

Today is World Book day. I am a bookaholic. At the moment, I have no more room for books in my flat. I just cannot help myself when I go into a bookshop, and always end up with something.

Here is the Guardian list of 100 books that you cannot live without. I have not read all the books on the list, but two of my favourites are on there.

What are your all time favourites?

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Hi Nia,

Today I bought 'UGLY' by Contsance Briscoe. The true story of a loveless childhood.

Quote from back cover ...I handed my school photograph to my mother. She stared from the photograph to me...
""Lord, sweet Lord how come so she Ugly. Ugly"
Too many to name, but love Tom Robbins' books. All of them.

Next read is "Left to Tell." Can't remember the author's name, but about a woman who survived Rwanda massacres. I heard her speak today and cannot wait to read her book.

I, like you, Nia, am a bookaholic. They are everywhere!

Thank you for your comments. I have not read "Ugly", let me know what you think?


Thank you for your comments. I have not read any Tom Robbins ,either. Can you recommend a single Tom Robbins please?
This Guardian list is very pretentious. I have read most of these, but the only ones I really think are indispensable are Tess of the D'Urbervilles, Far From The Madding Crowd, and Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The Tolkien books and the Harry Potter books I regard as not only dispensable, but totally unreadable.
James B,

Thank you for your comments. I have read half of the Guardian list, most of them were literature texts at school.

My two favourites on there are Memoirs of a Geisha, and a Fine Balance.
You and I must have gone to the same school!

I will try Memoirs of a Geisha. I must have been away when they did that at school, and it sounds like it must be based on Memoirs of a Whoremonger, so it must be good.
I was interested to see all the books were fiction I think - and I include number 6!

I was pleased to see two novels by one of my favourite authors, Gabriel Garcia Marquez but very surprised to see none by another, Toni Morrison. She must be one of the greatest writers of this century.

B xx
James B,

I wish I read Memoirs of a Geisha at school. It was not published then,lol.


I have Gabriel garcia Marquez, on the bookshelf. I have not got round to reading it yet,lol. I enjoy Toni Morrison too.
My all time favorite is "Jitterbug Perfume." All about immortality, Pan and perfume. Or.."Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" about a hitchhiker woman who has 9" thumbs and ends up on an all girl dude ranch that gives whooping cranes LSD to call attention to the dangers of scented feminine hygeine products. Or, "Another Roadside Attraction" about Amanda and John Paul Ziller who have a roadside organic juice and hotdog stand with a flea circus to entertain weary travelers. They have a friend who is a quasi-CIA guy who finds Jesus' body in the Vatican and steals it. His books are silly, thoughtful, fun, have lots of interesting philosophy. Actually..quite whacko. Hm....wonder why she likes them????

Thank you for the recommendations. I shall let you know what I think :)
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