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Sleeping With The Enemy ...

Security is essential for all escorts. It is important that someone or several people know where you are, when you meet clients.For those who provide Incall Cctv cameras, are essential too.

A man accused of posing as a client to steal earnings from prostitutes around Kingston has gone on trial.

Daniel Fuller, 25, from Clifton Road, South Norwood, stands accused of conspiracy to rob on 16 occasions from June to December 2005.

He also faces a charge of possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit a crime and a further charge of blackmail.

He said Fuller targeted discreet "massage parlour" operations in quiet suburban areas where typically there would be one working girl and one receptionist.

Mr Millett told the jury the robberies were carried out by Fuller, who would phone the parlours' receptionist to make an appointment, but on arriving would say he had to leave immediately.

When the door was opened for him to leave he would be joined by one or two other men who would help him to take cash and mobile phones from the sex worker and receptionist.

Mr Millett said: "The men robbing them were not on a moral mission to clean up prostitution, but to make a profit from what they saw as easy, vulnerable targets."

The court heard that, spurred on by a succession of robberies which gained the men around £150 cash and mobile phones each time, Fuller went on to demand one woman for a weekly payment of cash.

Mr Millett said: "By December 2005 Fuller decided he would start a protection racquet by blackmailing owners into providing him with weekly payments."

Quotes from Man denies robbing massage parlours by Lisa Williams of the Surrey Comet.

My understanding is that this is how most of the robberies are carried out. I read about some Escort agencies and Independent escorts that have bodyguards in their flats, and cannot blame them.

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I think security is on the mind of every working girl when she meets with new clients. You push it to the back of your mind because if you didn't you would either go mad or pack in.

The flat where I work is in a secluded quiet block. My neighbours are mostly out at work all day and the premises are (despite having an entry system) easy to get in to.

They wait for a resident to unlock the door and just follow them in. Once they are in, doors have been literally kicked in and flats burgled. For this reason the management have now installed cameras at all entrances and in the underground car park.

I now feel tons safer as the cameras are definitely a deterrent. In this job we fly by the seat of our pants, and for the most part it is okay. It would be fair to say that the risk of being robbed or attacked goes with the territory.
Very frightening.

Take care Nia.

A number of escorts I have visited have working flats in appartment blocks where there is a seperate locked entry door to the block before their own flat door.

Though I suppose even this could easily be got past by a gang if there was no ctv.

The possibility of large amounts of cash on insecure premises presents an easy target for ruthless thieves.

I was surprised their average take was only £150. Perhaps the women had good ways of hiding the cash!

B xx

Thank you for your comments. Yes, security is always on my mind, until I am on my way home.

Thank god for CCTV, but that does not stop some people.


Thank you for your comments. Any escort who has large amounts of cash on the premises, needs their head examined.
Hi Nia..

I find your post to be interesting cuz you give reader an insight to your life.. where at most time folks have no clues about.

Be safe...

psst... thanks for adding me in your blogroll.. but i dont think mine be as interesting as

Thank you for your comments. I think I gain insight about your life, from your blog, too.
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