Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Putting escorts on the expense account

I understand that a number of clients, who pay by credit card tend to do this. I have a friend who works in the entertainment industry, who told me that this goes on, and the company pays for it.

According to a survey mentioned in today's Scotsman, British workers are cheating employers out of £1 billion a year through their expenses claims.

What is more, "some are making outrageous claims, asking employers to pay for escorts, condoms and pet care, the survey found."

Quotes from On the fiddle.

Clearly some companies, do not approve of this, so how do they get away with it?

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Lord knows how they get away with it, but if it brings in the revenue for us, then Blessed be those who live in ignorance for they shall keep us in the manner in which we like to be accustomed !

Thank you for your comments.

I assume you take credit cards, and issue receipts.
Some companies where frequent travel is part of the job requirements provide a flat per diem. The per diem provides for all the travel costs, meals and an entertainment allowance. As long as employees are within the budget, they can spend it on anything.

Thank you for your comments. Yes, I think a number of people save up the per diem,lol.
Interesting. Is the entertainment allowance taxable, or is it a nontaxable perk? I work for a government entity, so the question of entertainment, or even lavish meals, being paid for by the taxpayer is out of the question, but clearly it is very different in the world of commerce.
Right Nia - marketing dictates that you start accepting credit cards.

It could surely boost your income from the expense account set.

Another thing for me to slump into jealousy about ...


B xxxx

Thank you for your comments.

I do not want the hassle from fraudsters, with credit cards. Give me cash any day.
Nia, how would you swipe them?

There are portable machines, that you can get. The agency girls have them.
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Thanks for deleting that comment Nia, sorry about that. For anyone reading this, I posted something by mistake and asked for the post. to be removed.
I am curious as to how this differs from stealing.

Thank you for your comments. I do not think it differs from stealing; unless as David mentioned you can spend it on anything.
"how this differs from stealing."
Sometimes it is stealing, and at other times its viewed as a legitimate but regretable business cost.

Entertaining a major customer at a Vegas trade show. After dinner the client hinted that he and his associates wouldn't mind being entertained.

My company signed off on the expense with out blinking.
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