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Beau had asked me a while ago, whether my perception of men had changed since I started escorting. I think I am more understanding of men and their needs, which I talk about here.

I do not believe I would have come to this level of understanding, without being an escort. I am now aware of all the different circumstances that lead men to visiting escorts.

If I was in a relationship, and I discovered that my partner was seeing escorts, I do not think I would have a problem with it.

If you had asked me the same question, four years ago, I felt differently.

Have a good weekend!

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You are more perceptive, more aware, more understanding of men now Nia.

But has your attitude to them changed?

You are a very special woman if you would be happy for your partner to visit escorts. Would you have no qualms about this?

B xx
We are not here to pass judgement on our clients, after all, we are doing exactly the same thing as they.

Ask an ordinary woman ( not in the industry I mean) what her opinion of men who see prostitutes is and I suspect you will not like the answer !

If a married man sees a prostitute and pays her for a service, he is not having an affair as such, but he is committing adultery, and if the lady he is seeing knows he is married then she is as guilty as he.

What we do is morally wrong, but then so is the policeman when he beats up the prisoner in the cell.

Thank you for your comments.

It is interlinked, in my eyes.

If I have more awareness, and understanding, then my attitude has to change.

Maybe you can help me understand, why my attitude, would not change?

I understand now why men visit escorts, whereas before I did not. I also recognise that there may be some needs that I may not be able to fulfill.


Thank you for your comments. Yes, I know how Joanna public feels about men who visit prostitutes. I have heard it all.
Blueslady - are you saying that you think the immorality of visiting a prostitute or of being a prostitute is of the same level as a policeman beating up a prisoner in a cell???

B xx
I remember once, in New York City, I'd visited a stunning "Playboy Magazine" type of girl.

She looked at me for a minute (puzzled) and blurted out "Why are you doing this? You're young. You're handsome. Why? Why are you here?. Most of my clients are old men who can't get any"

And I thought to myself: "Really? Handsome?" I wished more models would have said this to me when I was in high school. I might have gotten laid more.

So what did I say back to her?

"Because you had an ad. I saw it. I liked your body. I had the money. I had the time. Here we are.

I think too many girls in the profession are searching for meaning or reasons.

If you are walking along the street at midnight and you happen upon a wallet with thousands of dollars inside it, chances are that most will pick it up and never look back. The wallet was there. No one is watching. The result was thousands of dollars, easily made.

Prostitution is a "crime of opportunity" (even in places where it is not a "crime"...I mean it as a figure of speech).

For every guy that gets started in doing it, it's really an "impulse buy". You get horny. You see the ads in those british phone booths. You call. You get laid. It was awesome. It was easy to do, and doing it again will be easy too.

While many guys will probably tell you that they do it because they are not getting sex at home, bad marriage, etc...the majority of these guys did njot come to some "big moment" where they decided to see a prostitute. The opportunity was simply there, they were of a willing mind, and they seized the opportunity.

If a married man with no intention of cheating were on a business trip, and he visited the hotel bar for a beer and happened to meet a cute girl who winked and said "wanna fuck?"...95% of men would say "fuck YEAH"...because the encounter is uncomplicated and easy.

Thank you for your comments. I agree, for a lot of men, it is a spur of the moment decision.

As I mentioned before, I do not need to know, why people come to see me. What I find interesting, is that some of my clients feel they need to explain why.
Beau, I was just using that as a comparison, not a very good one obviously !
I agree with gg. I don't think most married men who are not getting it at home reach a considered opinion that the situation has become so desperate that they will now budget x% of the household income on commercial sex.

I think it is more of a luxury item.

Sex is probably the last undiscussed frontier. Hardly anyone talks openly about how many sexual partners they have had, or how many times they had sex last week or last month. Mostly this is because that is regarded as juvenile and as bad taste, but also I think because few people want to acknowledge the "shameful" truth that their sex life does not merit a display in the American Sexual Hall of Fame.

If you read women's magazines, like Cosmopolitan, Redbook, etc. you would get the impression that everyone in the world except you has a great sex life. I, who had sex with nine women in one week the month before last (but zero so far this month), would be in lousy sexual shape compared to all the unsightly people I see in Wal*Mart each time I go for groceries, who are swinging naked from the chandeliers and practising bondage at least nightly with their heavily mustachioed wives and chain-smoking husbands.

Possible men who use escorts are those who come to the conclusion that they are getting less than other men, or at least include many who feel that they need more experience so as to make sex better, or at least so as they know what the fuss is about.
"What I find interesting, is that some of my clients feel they need to explain why."

They think you're sitting back and looking at them in judgement. They're ashamed. I remember how I used to be ashamed of it during my first few visits. But then I learned to realize that I was having a really good time by doing it. Rather than feel ashamed of it, I simply realized that I simply needed to keep it a secret, but not feel bad about it.

I do remember that I stopped trying to analyze. It felt good for me. I had the money and liked having having "sample platter" sex with great regularity. I encountered all body types, races, attitudes, etc. No way could I have encountered that by hanging with friends at bars. By paying girls, I never had to give a damn about what other guys might think of my sexual tastes. Even if I was getting laid "legitimately", I'd still have guys second-guessing my choices.
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