Sunday, March 25, 2007


Stavros is a cab driver that I use. A friend gave me his number. He is a driver to a number of escorts. Stavros has been around for a while. He is in his sixties, and has lots of stories to tell.

I feel comfortable with him. If my phone rings when I am with him, I can take the call. He will not judge me, as he is familiar with escorts and the industry.

The downside to this, is that Stavros, feels he needs to discuss everyone that he has seen with me. Details about other escorts, how many bookings they did, where the bookings were, and how much they made.

I am aware that he must do the same with other escorts, so I give him limited information. Information that I do not mind being shared with others.

He has been told off by a number of women, but we still use him. He is reliable, charges reasonable rates, and in one case called the police, and rescued an escort when she was being raped. He also knows most of the roads in London, and does not need to use a map.

I can tell that he is really lonely, and thrives on the stories that he hears from the women. He enjoys being around escorts, and continues to give me a detailed history of what it used to be like ten years ago. He would go and pick up escorts at an agency, and sit and wait in the agency while they got dressed, in front of him.This story is always told with a big smile on his face. I have been told this story numerous times. As well as the fact that some of the escorts, did not want to pay him cash, and paid him in kind.

I think this may have been his first experience of escorts, he tends to go to parlours. However, when he has had a big win at the casino, he will call an independent escort. He moans about the escort rates today, however when he sees something that he likes online, he cannot control himself.

Stavros drives at a snail's pace. I think he does this on purpose, as he likes to talk and smoke at the same time. Oh I forgot to mention, that he is always eating ,too. I have given him the lecture on heart disease, because of his weight, but that has fallen on deaf ears. I hate it when he smokes, as I do not want to arrive at a booking smelling of smoke, so usually tell him to stop.

He makes a considerable amount of money from myself and others, but also is a really kind man.His rates are reasonable, and a lot lower than other cab drivers. A number of women have gone to him, during hard times, and he has helped them out without question.

He is due to have surgery at the end of next month. He has no family here, and none of his family really care about him. I asked him what would happen if something went wrong, did his family know, was there anyone to contact in the UK?

He said there was nobody here. He mentioned that he needed someone to take him to hospital, on the day. He has some friends here, but I will do it, if noone else is there for him.

I just hope everything goes well for him. It is strange. Our relationship is based on cab rides. I know a bit about his family, and children, but that is it.

I struggle with the fact that his family do not care about him, and know he has bought properties for his kids in the Mediterranean, and sends money back, regularly.

I have fears that he may die in hospital, and noone will know.

Why should I care?

I care because he is someone who I have had contact with, who I feel deserves better.

Have a good week!

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I hope he pulls through all right. If you visit him at the hospital and they ask if you are family, you can just say "something like that".

Thank you for your comments. I hope he pulls through too. His smoking,lifestyle and weight, do not help.
I deliberately refrained from making the points you make so that I did not sound like smoke-police and fat-police, though I am a member of both organizations.
Give him a hug ...

... and one from me too - though he may not appreciate that as much.

B xx
Thank you for your comments. He would just love a hug,lol.
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