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I am having a problem with my email at the moment. Some of my mail is disappearing into cyberspace.I am not sure how Yahoo is selecting, which messages are sent and received. It is weird. For those of you who have sent me mail, if I have not responded, could you please resend it.I have resent everything I sent out yesterday. Thank you, to those of you who brought this to my attention.

I met Roger last week, for a four hour booking . He wanted me to wear something Gothic, with killer heels.

I do not have full on gothic clothing, but have lots of black dresses,skirts, and silver jewellery. He was not particular about what I wore on the outside, but my lingerie was important. Fortunately, I have lots of corsets, that fit the bill.

I have more lingerie now, than I had before I started escorting. I think it is important to have a variety of lingerie, as it is not unusual to have specific requests.

The amount of money I spend on lingerie, is unbelievable, but I guess it pays in the end, right?

Roger had come off a long haul flight, when we met. I expected him to be knackered. I need a minimum of twenty four hours to recover when I have done long haul. I am no good to anybody. I need to have a shower as soon as I get to my destination, and then crash.

I am so amazed when I meet people who have loads of energy, after an eighteen hour flight. Roger fits into this category.

He is a neurosurgeon, over 50 and hip.I got to his hotel room, and conversation was so easy. We talked and laughed, and talked. I was aware that time was flying by, but realised he wanted the conversation, too.I never know whether I am going to get on with a client, when I meet them, and it is something I worry about. Fortunately, there are a few people who I have met, that I will not see again. Within a few minutes, I knew Roger and I had a lot in common.

We decided to order something from room service.

It is unusual for me to meet a client, who is not a regular, who knows what buttons to press. Roger, did all the right things. He wanted to please me.I do not expect my clients to please me,as I realise they are paying for my time. I believe most men use escorts, so they can have some allocated time, for their needs to be met.They want to be pampered.I am aware for some men, part of it, is for me to enjoy myself. If I get something from the encounter, I see it as a bonus.

Roger started by giving me one of the best deep tissue massages, I have had in ages. I really did not want to get up after that. I returned the favour, and then the action began.

It was slow, and hard, in all the right places. Just what I needed. I had to keep my killer heels on at all times, a turn on for Roger. I tend not to wear heels in bed, and was worried about jabbing his balls. Luckily, I did not.

Time just flew by while I was with him. I was struck by his energy, and warmth.

At the end of the booking, Roger insisted on walking me to my cab . I did not expect him to, or any client to do this for that matter. Most of my clients on Outcall, have nodded off when it is time for me to leave, and I let myself out quietly.

The food was left untouched, as we were too busy enjoying our time together.

Roger has been in touch since, and wants to meet next week. So I need to head to Camden market, for the Goth look.

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Since you must have disguised the details, clearly he is not a brain surgeon, but a rocket scientist.

Interesting point at the end about the food. With all the obesity you see these days it does always seem to me that fat people are usually the unhappy ones, because people who are really into what they are doing can hardly make time to eat.

Sounds like you are enjoying your work these days. Good for you.

Thank you for your comments.

You are right. All details are disguised,lol.

I know you are a member of the obesity police.

Please do not jinx me, James. When I start hating what I do, I retire.
I think you should go "old school" on the gothic look. Get some Doc Maertens boots and a leather jacket. Or perhaps go for the "mod" look. Y'know, Pete Townsend and his trench coat and whatnot.
I'm still struggling Nia with the idea of you looking "Goth". Please post us a photo once you've perfected the look!

B xx

Thanks for your comments. I shall bear that in mind, when I head off to Camden market,lol.


Thank you for your comments.I understand your struggle. I have only seen one Black goth, in my life,lol.
This sounds like a great time you had, Nia. I am so happy. He sounds like a lovely gentleman, one who you would enjoy seeing more. Hope you have even more fun next time. I agree with you that when the gents are with you it should be your time, but funny how being treated well makes one want to go even further on your end back to him, too, yes? Fun begets more fun.

Thank you for your comments.

I think when I click with someone on so many levels, it has an impact on me.

What I am aware of , is when someone is willing to give themselves to me, and share large parts of themselves, I am moved.

Something happened to our aural fields that night.

You know what I mean, Ms Tantra :)
I have only one thing to say Nia. Send that man to Leeds !

I have. I talked about you, and he loved your site, so there!
I've been trying to find ideas to help you with the goth image Nia.

I thought I found some images here. But in the end I didn't think any of them looked particularly goth.

This photo was described as a goth look but although I like the image I really don't think it is very goth.

So in the end I think you may just need to "white-up"!

Though if you manage to carry it off you may discover you've found a special niche and will become even more popular!

B xx

Thank you for the links. I will keep them in mind,lol.
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