Friday, March 23, 2007

Different ways in which some people use escorts

Sometimes, escorts are used by clients as a source of revenge to get at their partners.

This has not happened to me yet ,to the best of my knowledge. I am assuming that is the case, as none of my clients have mentioned it.

What I was not aware of, was escorts being used against the opposition in sports.

According to Taylor, the football All-Star was turned onto cocaine as a NFL rookie, and within three years he was nose deep in crack. “I’d go through an ounce a day. And at times I’d be standing in the huddle. And instead of thinking what defense we were playing I’d be thinking about smoking crack after the game.” Of course, LT countered the effect of drugs with a special tactic: sending hookers with special instructions to wear out his opponents the night before a game.

Quotes from Lawrence Taylor, Crack and Hookers by Mental floss Magazine.

Have a good weekend!

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Ah yes, Good 'ol "LT"...I used to live very close to his house not too long ago. LT was probably the most stoned athlete of all time.

Thanks for your comments. You mean you can be stoned, and still perform on the field, right? Hmmmm
This has been done on several occasions in european footbal too.

The Dutch team was given a "diversion" in 1974 before a finals-game, and their partners were informed of it to create maximum effect.

And there is some famous incident in a Kopenhagen hotel involving a local porn star that made headlines.

All if fair in love and war...b

Thank you for your comments. I was not aware of this.

The task is to drain every last drop out of them, it seems,lol.
The task is to drain every last drop out of them, it seems,lol.

Oooooooooohhhh yesss!!!!!

I'm a footballer.

Take me now!




drop ...


B xx

Deal, ROFL.
A client once attempted to use me to hurt his wife. She had left him (and I don't blame her). I was there at the house and he asked me to call her up and tell her exactly what I was doing to him. I said no. Afterwards he said he didn't mean it, but I didn't believe him.

Up until that point he had seen me a lot of times, but he never saw me again. I often wonder if he got other girls to call her. Some girls have no morals :)

Thank you for your comments. I would have refused to do it, too. That is pushing it.
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