Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I have had a challenging time at work(my day job) these two weeks.

A number of people who I manage,have put me on a pedestal. They expect me to find all the solutions to their problems. I am feeling drained, and frustrated.

I recognise that I do have some responsibilities, but part of my ethos, is to
facilitate them to find their own solutions.

I am not comfortable with being put in a position of the expert,at all times. I accept I have more experience, and can empathise that I was where they were, at some point. I do not want to foster dependency.

However, I am feeling tired with it, and do not know whether I want the responsibility. I know that being where I am looks good on the CV,and I earn more, but it comes at a cost.

I feel like a dog, with a litter of pups, who want food 24/7. As much as I have explained my role, some people just hear what they want to. It may be that the litter at the moment is very needy.

It is a challenge to stick to my own philosphy,and it would be easier give in.

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I think you need to take a break and be kind to yourself Nia. It sounds a bit like "burnout" to me.

If you are under the weather, how can you be there 100% for them anyway?


How did you guess, I have a cold and cough coming on!

No, these people are new, and a drain on my energy. It is okay,if it is one person, but when it is a group, it becomes tiring.
I was a middle manager for several years. All the responsibility and a bit more pay. However, once you go through that "middle manager" door, it is difficult for future employers to ever envision you as a regular "doer" again if you wish to be.

Now I'm fortunate. I am the director of my department now, however, it is a department of one ;-)

Thank you for your comments. I love the department of one,lol. If only!

You're learning the responsibilities of management!

But if you have something worthwhile to give then it is important to share it with others.

A good manager is one who helps and inspires others to give of their best.

I think you can do that.

B xx

Thank you for your comments.

I am okay with sharing, however, I think at times, they need to come up with their own ideas.

I want them to be able to work on their own, in my absence, and feel confident.

As I pointed out, these people do not trust themselves.
I want them to be able to work on their own, in my absence, and feel confident.

As I pointed out, these people do not trust themselves.

Exactly Nia. They want to be able to blame management rather than take responsibility.

Giving them the freedom, the responsibility and the confidence to do this for themselves is the real challenge - whilst knowing you will take the rap if it all goes pear-shaped!!!

B xxx

Spot on!

I want to see you someday, hear all about your stressful day directing the minions and then get you down on your knees to pay my cock some proper respect. For this, i will pay you handsomely ;-)
The Glengarry leads...

LOL at your post to Nia. Can I be there to watch please? :)
ROFL@GGL and Joanne.
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