Monday, April 02, 2007

Noisy neighbours

I discovered that my neighbours had moved out last week. I am so pleased.
I now can have a full night's sleep.

I have been subject to screaming, shouting, and children having boxing matches, since September last year. Not my idea of fun at all. I confronted them, and they apologised numerous times, but no change.

I contacted the landlord, and nothing was done, until I started to do it consistently. Some other tenants complained, and that seemed to put the ball in motion.

I cannot understand why some people are so inconsiderate.


Myriad metamorphosis has been added to my sidebar. Pay her a visit. She makes some interesting points on how she makes the transition from whore to housewife.

Update 10th July 2007. Myriad's blog is now invitation only.

Have a good week!

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I am so very happy that your situation has changed. I cannot imagine the hell it must have been to live with all that frigging noise.

Thank you for your comments.

My home is my sanctuary, and I value peace and quiet.

It was hell. It got to a point, where I would go home as late as possible, in the hope that they would be asleep. It definitely affected my mood.
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