Friday, April 06, 2007

Immunity for prositutes in Florida

Well, well, well! If you work as a stripper in Florida, and turn tricks, testify against your owners; and you could get a third of their property.

TALLAHASSEE - The Florida House wants to get tough on prostitution in strip clubs.

A panel on Thursday approved a bill that would grant immunity to prostitutes for testifying against owners of strip clubs and "massage" parlors about the illegal acts the women have committed on the property. In addition, prostitutes who cooperate could get one-third of the proceeds of any forfeited property.

Famed adult entertainment defender Luke Lirot painted the scene of strip club owner who finds out a stripper has been turning tricks in a back room.

"At 4 o'clock she's told she's no longer allowed on the premises. At 4:30, she goes to the law enforcement and says, 'He knows I'm a prostitute because he just fired me.' His club is probably worth $2-million. I wouldn't mind a third of that."

Under the bill, owners and operators of adult entertainment businesses that are used to advertise, facilitate, solicit, promote or arrange for prostitution and related crimes could be convicted of a third-degree felony if they knew or should have known what was going on. The maximum penalty is five years in prison.

A prostitute would get one-third of any seized assets, with the rest going to law enforcement and state attorneys.
Quotes from Prostitution bill draws some fire by Alex Leary of the St Petersburg Times.

This is the first time, that I have read anything from the US, where prostitutes are not penalised.

These are changing times!

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That's quite bad. How about a law that would encourage club owners to report girls found with their vaginas wrapped around a cock in the VIP rooms?

Thank you for your comments. It is clearly a different way of tackling the issue.

I am amazed that these women have been offered immunity.

I wonder how many of them will continue to turn tricks in clubs.
I think that the real purpose of such a law is to discourage prostitution in such "adult oriented" businesses as strip clubs, video rental places, and lingerie shops.

I doubt whether many prosecutions will occur under this regulation, and while clubs might be worth a lot of money as a going concern, the real estate is often rented or leased, and without the clientele the business would be worthless.

It would be rather funny if a girl got a third of the business and found herself in bankruptcy proceedings with huge tax bills.

Although I live in Florida, I have never been in one of the strip clubs, but my understanding is that you are not allowed to sell alcohol in places where there is nudity. There is a place on the Interstate that I pass every week called "We Bare All" or "Cafe Risque". There is also a billboard saying they have free showers for truckers (and maybe a female towel attendant?

Oh, the joys of having a cup of coffee served by a naked waitress with a spotty butt! "Cream and sugar with that, sir?"

Another thing we have here in Florida is called Lingerie Modeling, and men can pay to have lingerie privately "modeled" for them, in case they want to buy any. I think the idea is that the men give the girls tips and jerk off in front of the girl. I would not be totally surprised (gulp!) if the occasional act of prostitution occurred too. This could be one route for a girl to obtain one third of a collection of stained undergarments for her personal use.

Now you know why I recommend Florida residents to travel to the DR and have real sex with real women.

Thank you for your comments. I agree with you. The message seems to be, if you encourage prostitution in your club, you will pay for it,lol.

Well, I have not been to strip clubs in London. However, I know that the intention is to get the men to buy drinks, which are pricey.

James, really, why would any girl want to keep stained undergarments,lol!
Q. Why would any man pay to watch someone "model" lingerie, when he could save up a bit more and get a really satisfying experience.

A. Because he is married!

BTW in answer to Glengarry's excellent question, that is a great idea. The club owners should have written policies about the use of vaginas, provide training and regular performance appraisals to all strippers and lap dancers, and monitor compliance through the use of close circuit cameras. I am sure that club owners want to eliminate this kind of loafing on the job just as much as we all want to ensure excellent Health and Safety at Work conditions for strippers, lapdancers, and all other naked and semi-naked female employees and contractors.
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