Friday, April 13, 2007

The numbers are rising in Dundee

The numbers of sexworker are rising in Dundee, and some of the residents are being propositioned by kerb crawlers.

Does every woman walking on the streets of Dundee look like a sexworker?

Is that how it works if you are a kerbcrawler?

If some of these women are very young, I can appreciate the residents concerns for their daughters, of similar ages.

The resident says the numbers of prostitutes operating are rising and she fears for her daughter’s safety.

Councillor Dawson said, “The police are doing a wonderful job despite not having the resources to be on site at all times.

“But the residents are complaining they cannot even wait on a bus or a taxi without being propositioned and in some cases they will not even let their children play in the street through fear that they will also be propositioned.

“My constituent has described some of the girls as looking very young, so fears for her own daughter’s safety whilst going to friends etc.

“A worrying thought is that it would appear young Polish girls are appearing on the street now as well.

“The residents know who the girls are and are finding an increasing amount of new faces appearing.

“My main point is this is a residential area with a vast array of people living in it, from families with kids to elderly.

Quotes from Prostitution on rise again by Alan Wilson of the Evening Telegraph.

My view is that there should be controlled zones, to avoid these sorts of problems.

Have a good weekend!

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There is more to Dundee than marmalade.

The business must be doing very well in Dundee if all you have to do to get a client is stand at a bus stop in street clothes. No overhead unless you buy advertising space on the bus shelter.
In the US, it seems to be a fairly common theme that, even though it's all illegal, law enforcement mostly focuses on the women who are either very obvious to the public (kerbcrawlers -- we say "streetwalkers" but I like your term :-) -- or AMPs) or involve other no-nos like drugs or trafficking (another reason AMPs get hit.

Rarely see the general population complaining about the discreet ladies with incalls or in hotels.


Thank you for your comments,lol. Is that where you can get a good jar of marmalade?


Thank you for your comments.Yes, I have not heard of the general population here, complaining about discreet ladies either.
I agree. There should be designated areas for girls who want to stand on the side of the road for work, and those who happen to just be standing on the side of the road.

Interesting that the majority of the ladies are Polish.

Isnt it time this government said enough is enough and turned the illegal immigrants away?

I wonder if these ladies already know what their best shot at making money will be when they get here?
Jd's rose,

Thank you for your comments.


Thank you for your comments. The Poles are not illegal, if that is what you are saying, as they can come and go as they please now.

You raise an interesting point. You only need to look at the variety of different nationalities on websites.

I believe most women know what to expect, before they come here to work.
Actually Nia, I meant immigrants in general..sorry !
Marmalade was supposed to have been invented in Dundee, but I think it is a bit of a myth. See Wikipedia.
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