Monday, April 16, 2007

The Rules

The sunny weather at the weekend was lovely. My mood lifts with sunshine and warmth. I wish it was like this all year round.

Chevalier has an interesting post on pillow talk between escorts and clients.

He outlines the types of information escorts share with their clients, about other clients.

He points out that in some cases it is easy to identify who they are talking about. I find this worrying.

How confidential is a meeting between an escort and a client?

It works both ways.

This is my take, on clients who discuss other escorts with me. I have expectations of my clients.

I have had clients come to see me, who talked about all the escorts they have seen, throughout the entire booking.

Do I need this information.

It is one thing if Arnold comes to see me, and he says that he has seen Dorothy. However, I do not need to know that Dorothy works out of Chelsea Cloisters, has a violent boyfriend,is Italian, and works in the City. In some cases, I have been given real names.

I listen,because part of my role is to listen. However I am clear that anything I share with them, I am happy for them to share with every other escort they meet. So, I have a number of cover stories, to hand.

These are the types of clients who want to know my real name, on a first meeting.

I wonder how the escorts they discuss would feel, knowing identifiable information about them, is being passed around?

My understanding of confidentiality is, talking about individuals in a way, that they are not identifiable,if you choose to discuss them.

Can you blame the women, who act throughout the entire meeting?

Have a good week!

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Actually, it's not just escorts discussing other clients or clients discussing other escorts. I've had several instances of an escort discussing other escorts with me, and I imagine there are clients who discuss other clients. :-)

It is rather strange. I listen but have very rarely given any information . . . and certainly none that would identify the other person in real life. But even most of what I hear is fairly safe -- bland opinions, associated only with a "P4P name."

It's interesting that you mention asking to know real names. Of course, in most cases, the escort does know the client's real name as part of a screening process -- although not always if he can rely on references from other escorts. I've never asked an escort about her real name, although some have volunteered the information. I take that as a compliment, that she trusts I will keep it confidential.

I think it's really important to be extremely discreet! Word gets around and we are supposed to be secret keepers. It's one thing if it's safety issues, but another to be spreading gossip all around.

Not sure how to handle people is important to listen, but I would tell anyone who visited me to keep our visit private- he wouldn't want me spreading his business around.

Thank you for your comments.

There are so many different scenarios.

Yes, when an escort gives you her real name, it does indicate that she trusts you.


Thank you for your comments. It is sad that you would have to tell a client, to keep the visit private. I make that assumption from the start,lol.
Have you seen Prince William lately?
But confidential are things when spewed all over forums and boards and rating sites? The escort gets NO privacy.

That is right. It goes with the territory.
James B,

Thank you for your comments. No, I have never met him, have you?
Gillette: "But confidential are things when spewed all over forums and boards and rating sites? The escort gets NO privacy."

To the extent that P4P is a commercial enterprise, particularly if she is advertising publicly as well, some degree of that is reasonable to expect and even to her benefit.

Absent exceptionally poor service that other potential clients deserved to be warned of -- I suspect most clients wouldn't review or discuss an escort publicly if they knew she didn't want to be talked about. (Some boards even allow an escort to declare a "no review" policy.) I took it one step further, with a default decision not to write a review unless she explicitly requested (and conform to her preferences regarding how specific it should be).

Of course, that's advantageous for an escort who prefers to keep a low profile but disadvantageous for an escort who wants the publicity/word-of-mouth advertising but feels uncomfortable requesting a client to post a review. Nia, didn't we have that discussion here recently? :-)


Do you really expect me to remember everything that is said? :)
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