Thursday, April 26, 2007


Thank you to all of you, who called me, emailed , and commented, about my post yesterday. I appreciate your kindness, and am moved by it. I spoke to my mother this morning, and she is doing okay.

I was on my way to a friend's house this morning, and popped into a lingerie shop, to ask for directions. I could not believe the conversation that I heard between the shop assistant, and her customer.

Shop assistant(Woman in her mid to late sixties) "Can I help you?"

Customer (Man in his mid forties) "It did not work."

There happened to be three other people in the shop at the time.

Shop assitant (Shouting) "What did not work?"

Customer " The Viagra did not work."

Shop assistant (Shouting at the customer) " There has to be something wrong with you, because that stuff works!"

I was so embarassed for this guy, but it seemed like he had a thick skin. I just wanted to run and hide, and the conversation had nothing to do with me. I could not believe that he was spoken to in that way.

Is it me, or was the shop assistant mannerless?

I had to go the dentist today, to get some treatment done. I am still waiting for the injection to wear off. I had a conversation with Jo, and we were talking about how our mouths are tools for our job.

I wonder when I will be able to use my mouth. I just did not have the guts to ask the dentist when oral sex would be okay.

Can you imagine the look on his face had I done so?

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I've known a few men who don't take Viagra because it doesn't work- it's not unusual.
So now you can pick up some Viagra at the lingerie counter in Marks and Spencer?

Actually this highlights some of the reasons why drugs should not be available unless under medical supervision. If he had brought his complaint to a pharmacist, they might have wanted to discreetly enquire what dosage he had taken, whether it was on an empty stomach or after a fatty meal, what other medications he was taking, what other medical diagnoses he had, and so on.

Of course, it is possible (even probable) that he was sold a fake tablet or placebo, which is why it did not work--especially if this lingerie shop was one that catered more to men's fantasies than to women's need for comfortable combis.

While I defer to gillette's experience and knowledge, on discussion boards I frequent, I have never seen anything that suggests that it is not unusual for Viagra to not work. I think it is very unusual for it to not work for a very wide range of causes of erectile dysfunction. And if even Viagra does not work for these men, are they visiting gillette anyway without any possibility of getting an erection?

The study referenced here suggests that greater than 95% of men reported improved erections with Viagra. Other studies showed that over 70% of men with ischemic heart disease showed improvement, and that Cialis worked for 87%.

Was the shop assistant rude? Hell, yes, she was, but then the qualification for working in lingerie sales are not professional ones, which takes us right back to my first paragraph.
Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, the men I know who take Viagra, do not have a problem with it. I usually need a good rest afterwards,lol.


Thank you for your comments. For the record, it was not Marks and Spencer.

The shop sold toys, and other stuff. I did not have chance to look around, as I was late.
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