Thursday, May 17, 2007

Passion killers

I am meeting a higher number of Firstimers now than before. I cannot figure out why that is. The majority of my clients see escorts regularly, and fortunately are not the cynical, hardened,demanding, misogynist types that I hear some escorts encounter.

I met another firstimer this week, and he expected me to interrogate him, on why he had made the booking. It reminded me of Kevin someone who I saw earlier in the month, who while we were in missionary position, asked whether I enjoyed my job.

I answered both questions in a sensitive way. I think in both cases, guilt may have been behind the questions.I do not feel it is my place to ever ask my clients why they visit escorts. Who am I to judge?
I am bewildered when I read about escorts who openly tell their clients that they hate what they are doing. I know if I hated what I was doing, I could not do it.

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Exactly my own thoughts Nia. We are not here to judge. We're not entirely perfect ourselves !
For someone new to the experience . . . there is a lot of uncertainty and nervousness. I can vaguely recall how I felt on my initial forays, 30+ years ago. Come to think of it, there's still a little of that when I see someone new.

But even with all of the "newbie" uncertainty and nervousness, and possible guilt, it's a little strange to initiate discussions like this. Particularly asking you if you enjoy your job. Yes, reassurance about that would be nice, as none of us like to be with someone who hates being with us. Realistically, though, who is going to answer "no"? I don't think I've ever seen or heard an escort admitting to disliking her job except: (1) limited to just a few bad clients, certainly not the ones to whom she's talking; (2) when she can be anonymous, e.g., in a blog under a different name than the one she uses to make appointments (Compartments comes to mind); or (3) when she retires. (Number 3 is dangerous as many change their minds, start back working, and would have to eat their words.)

Plus, it's just not the type of thing one asks of someone before knowing them very well. I wouldn't meet someone at a party and ask them how much money they make either, or ask about their sex life. Uncouth. Well, in my opinion anyway.

But . . . if they are going to initiate a topic like that . . . doing so while you're in missionary position????? Now that demonstrates an abysmal sense of timing!! :-)


P.S. I am excluding comments such as "do you like it when I XX" or "do you enjoy having me YY." I rarely do those either, unless she's indicated that she enjoys that kind of talk during -- some do -- but it's more understandable than "do you like working as an escort and fucking strange men?"


Thank you for your comments. I forget how nerve wracking it can be for some clients.

Yes, there are a minority of escorts who would tell a client that they do not like their job,lol.
I can remember my first time - it was awful!

I was nervous and the escort was most unsympathetic - to the point of being aggressive!

B xx
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