Monday, May 28, 2007

Escort agency madam sends bill to the Earl of Shaftesbury's son

I find the death of the Earl of Shaftesbury tragic. His widow Jamila M'barek who was an escort will serve twenty five years in prison, for paying her brother to kill him.

Catherine Gutler who owns an escort agency in Nice, walked up to the Earl's son at the trial. She handed him an uncashed cheque for 1279 pounds, and said she needed the money.

After being confronted with her sordid past by Madame Gurtler, Jamila shouted from the dock: “You’re a pimp!”

Madame Gurtler rep­lied: “Jamila is a bitch and I want to see her go to prison for life. She never loved the Earl. All she wanted was his money.” After being shown the personalised Drumm-onds Bank cheque, signed “Shaftesbury” and dated February 4, 2002, the 27-year-old current Earl – a New York DJ – listened politely to Madame Gurtler before she finally handed it to the family’s solicitor.

Madame Gurtler said: “Nick was polite and charming like his father. I’m confident I’ll now get my money.”

Later the court heard from another prostitute about the dead Earl’s unpaid sex bills. Cannes call-girl Rose-Marie Bioulaygues said: “I spent three days with the Earl. He paid me by cheque but it bounced.”

Quotes from Payup Demand by Madam at Earl Trial by Nick Fagge of the Daily Express.

This whole case has left me thinking about greed, and how some individuals do not know where to draw the line. I find their behaviour shocking, and distasteful, which is not unusual in the escort industry. Have a good week.

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What a mess people make of their lives..and for what???? I don't get it.

Thank you for your comments.

I think they do not get that there are consequences for their actions. You do not have to wait until you die, things are sorted out here on earth.
It sounds like a complete mess to me. Someone on a local message boars has a signature which goes something like "Your lifestyle is your deathstyle" Looks like it applies in this case.

For a working girl who does not like even taking tips from her clients to read about such greed and lack of integrity, it reafirms my ethos of living and that is - be honest.

Thank you for your comments. We think alike :)
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