Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Trapped by Irish pimps

Israeli women students answered an advertisement in the paper, to work in the sex industry in London. Unfortunately, this was a con. They were flown to Ireland, forced to take drugs, work as prostitutes, and not paid. Angelica Sabag, recruited the women, and was working for a chain of pimps. She was arrested on Sunday.

The advertisements in papers is not unusual. Most agencies recruit women from advertisements in the paper, and on the internet. I wonder how women looking for work in other countries, are able to work out who is genuine. It seems like a minefield, as this is a tactic that most traffickers use.

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For complete violation of human rights, for screwing up young women for the rest of their lives, and probably anyone they meet/marry too, she should have to do the same life sentence as they will.

There should be a completely different approach to the punishment of those who abuse others for personal gain/satistaction, equal in seriousness to the taking of life.

Thank you for your comments. Yes, the punishment should fit the crime.
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