Monday, June 04, 2007

Food for thought for escorts and their clients

Do you tell a client when he is doing something that does not turn you on, or you do not like?

Mandy has an interesting post on the bits and pieces of tackling this issue. The other option is to stay in acting mode, as Teela Sanders found in her research with some escorts.

The issues that Mandy raises are not clear cut, and we all have our different ways of dealing with them. I think some escorts will pull clients up all the time, some will grin and bear it, and some will try and find a balance.

What I am aware of, is that some clients see escorts, because they do not want to think about their pleasure.They want the time to be focused around their needs, and that is what they pay for.They are running away from girlfriends or wives, that they have to cater to. Then, there is another set of clients, who want to know that an escort is getting something out of it.

Yes, I have fun with some of my clients, but if I do not, it is not a big deal.However, if a client does something that makes me feel bad,like smashing into my cervix, or trying to pull my hair out, I will say something. As Mandy points out, we are not there for our pleasure. If I walk away having had a good time, then I see it as a bonus.

Can we make hard and fast rules?

Have a good week.

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I think you should tell a client if he is doing something you do not like.

Although having paid for sex - that does not give the client the right to do what he wants with your body as if you are an unfeeling object. On the contrary he should recognise the privilidge being offered and treat the escort with the utmost care and respect.

Any reasonable client would stop at once if he was doing something you did not like.

I suppose some men get off on the power trip of it all and think they can do what they want. I remember a wg saying to me many years ago, "some men - they treat you like meat."

I suppose those escorts who advertise the "Porn Star Experience" may be more likely to suffer in this way - but even here there is no excuse.

Perhaps ready accessibility of porn videos has given many men an unreal expectation of what real sex can be like. Also so many men have very little understanding of the workings of a woman's body!

But I am sure that there must be many men who enjoy the experience even more if they believe the escort has enjoyed it too.

If any of those men hurt you Nia just forward me their number and I'll send the heavy mob round!!!!!

B xx
Alas, no hard and fast rules. :-)

Despite what they may say, ALL guys care whether you're having a good time -- some are more cynical, while others are more willing to suspend disbelief. :-) Even those who say it's all about them and they don't care about the lady really do; try telling them that they don't satisfy you at all, but the money makes up for it, and see their reaction.

Some guys want you to have a good time, but it's still about him -- he wants to prove that he's a real stud who can please you. Some guys want you to have a good time for your sake, not his.

I suspect in most cases, some gentle "coaching" would be completely acceptable, and some clients will definitely appreciate it. I would, anyway. But, understandably, most ladies are cautious when dealing with the sensitive male ego. :-)

Worry about it most with your repeat clients, because as you see them again and again, you'll be better able to judge their personality and how they will react to coaching.

Happy Monday!


Thank you for your comments. Yes, reading some of the reviews makes me wonder how some escorts feel. I will let you know if I am hurt Beau, thank you.


Thank you for your comments. I wait for the day when I tell a client that he has not satisfied me at all,ROFLMAO!

The sensitive male ego, tricky thing!
I understand from stuff that I have read on discusions boards about the Phillippines and that part of the world, that the girls prefer oriental clients because they 1) have smaller dicks, 2) come quickly, 5 mins max, 3) tip generously.

So if you get a client like that, no harm in telling him that you want more like him?

Thank you for your comments,ROFLMAO. I am happy for you to refer those men to me.
I knew you would be!
These days, I bollock my clients if they annoy me ! I also tell them to bugger of if they overstay, and woe betide them if they can't open a bottle of wine properly.

On a more serious note, if a client does something minor that I do not like, I will not say anything, but I have the choice to not to see him again.

At then end of the day we are in charge of the controls.

Thank you for your comments. Yes, we have the choice to not see our clients again.
I might not be in the right position to say this but I think you should tell the client if he/she's screwing up.

It's not because you're providing a service and that it implies to satisfy his/her pleasure that you have have to put on with their crap.

However I guess there is a professional dilemma, indeed, and I come across it myself in my own job. And sometimes, I consider it is part of my ethics to tell someone to back off, even if I loose a job.

Secondly, considering my girlfriend is doing this, I sure hope so that she sits them kindly down on their asses and tells them to stop it if they do something wrong or out of line.
Though she told me she sometimes accepts quite a lot.

In the end, you know, whatever works for you...
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