Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Vatican line on prostitutes and their clients

The Vatican says respect and do not judge prostitutes, which the Holy See described as a modern day form of slavery.

A new document said the exploitation of women stemmed from activities including human trafficking and sex tourism and the problem should be tackled in a comprehensive way.

"The victims of prostitution are human beings, who in many cases cry out for help, to be freed from slavery," the document by the Vatican's department on migrant issues said.

"The customers too are people with deeply rooted problems, and in a certain sense are also slaves," it said.

"An effective measure towards cultural change with respect to prostitution could derive from associating criminal law with social condemnation."

Asked to explain the passage, Monsignor Agostino Marchetto, said: "We think that there should be not only protection of women but also a punishment for the clients".

Quotes from Punish prostitute clients by the Brisbane Times.

This does not surprise me coming from the Vatican. What does surprise me, is that they have taken so long to come up with this.

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There may be an element of truth in what he says, but there is one vital piece of info here which he seems to have ignored, and that is we are not all victims thank-you.

Their migrant tribunal came out with the same thing a few years ago.

Thank you for your comments. The Vatican are not open minded Jo,as far as I can recall,lol.


Thank you for the link.
Well the Vatican thinks that all recreational sex is wrong,and they should know since they have a long established hotline to Higher Authority. But at least He has changed his operating manual somewhat since the Spanish Inquisition was in full flow.

Actually I found that the first two paragraphs of the Vatican statement were spot on. It is true that both the woman and the men involved are often driven by demons beyond their control, so I was a bit disappointed in the conclusion that punishment was the answer, because I agree that many pooners are fucked up one way or another.

Surely it is the church's role to hear confessions, molest choirboys, and remind us of the ten thousand centuries roasting on a spit in hell that is our ultimate fate, and not to worry about punishing our souls and bodies in this mortal realm.

You clearly were not brought up as a Catholic. The role of the Church is to remind you 24/7 that you will burn in hell. So we have to avoid that.
But the irony here is that the Catholic Church is against contraception because they need Catholics to breed more Catholics.

I think the Catholic Church needs to bring the word "misogyny" into its doctrine.
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