Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Grandmother is one of the oldest prostitutes

Irene is a pensioner prostitute in New Zealand. A mother of three, grandmother of eight and a great-grandmother of four.

She has been on the game for 25 years, and is 77 years old. Her life in the sex industry started at 50 years old, after a call from a phantom caller, who wanted to know how much she charged.

Her initial reaction was disgust. She realised she was going out with men and doing it for nothing, and decided to charge. For 25 years of being in the sex industry, Irene did not ask her clients to wear condoms.

She now plays it safe, and most of her clients are in their 50s.


James B Logwriter no longer wants to be a whoremonger, so has stopped blogging. He was one of my daily reads, and I wish him well with his new novia.

There has to be something in the air, that is three men down, Glengarry Leads,Petulant Pooner and now James.

Michelle from Raw Angels escort agency has left a comment on yesterday's post. It is great that she has come in to clarify the article in the press. The power of the internet.

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Clearly escorts are failing to provide long term satisfaction.

You inspired me to quit when you wrote about the Petulant Pooner winding up his blog.

It is a bit like smoking--every one quits eventually, whether voluntarily or by death, but there is always a new generation of testosterone fueled pooners coming up behind.

I must say that I would not be terribly keen on visiting a 77-year-old prostitute, but this story comes from New Zealand, and a psychiatrist friend of mine once spent a year in NZ and reported back that the women were the ugliest on earth, so maybe a cute 77-year-old would be better than much of the competition.

As they say in New Zealand, you might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.

Your blog was a good resource for anyone who was going to the DR. It was informative, and I learned a lot about the DR from it.

I wonder what your psychiatrist's standards of beauty are?

The ugliest women on earth is a strong statement.
Yes, my blog was a good resource on prostitution in the DR, but there are other good resources on the same subject.

It was not MY psychiatrist, but a psychiatrist who was a friend of mine. He is a good looking guy and has a yacht, so I imagine he would want a woman who looks both above and below decks.
I am really sorry to hear of James giving up. Some of his threads were great !

I have recently seen an escort who is a grandmother.

She is beautiful and sexy and I had a very nice time.

B xx
Wow...I thought I was old for this. This is GREAT!!! Thanks, Nia. I love it when people buck the odds and go for it.

Thank you for your comments.Grandmothers are great.


Thank you for your comments. You can never be too old. There was a woman on a London escort site who was advertised at 80 years old.
Yes, but escorts are renowned for lying about their age!
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