Monday, June 11, 2007

Gratitude to escort friends out there

I had a conversation with an escort friend last week. At the end of the conversation, we both told each other how grateful we were, that we had each other.

I am aware that there a number of escorts out there, who do not meet other escorts at all. They feel that it is too risky, and I can appreciate that, from a damage limitation angle. However, I feel that it can be isolating, when you do not share this part of your life with family and friends.

This industry has a dark side some of which you can see on messageboards. I have read numerous threads were escorts who were close friends fall out on messageboards, and then start revealing personal information about each other, and bad mouth each other to mutual clients.

Some escorts have agendas, and cannot see things for what they are, or they may be angry as the English courtesan points out in this post.

It is important as an escort to pick your escort friends carefully, but there are no guarantees that you are safe.

I am grateful for the few escort friends I have made so far. It is great to share information, have a laugh, raise security issues, and just listen to what it is like .


The Petulant Pooner has stopped blogging. He feels that it is time to move on. He was one of my daily reads, and I wish him well.

Have a good week.

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What a delightful post Nia - lovely is exactly what you are, you are you are! :-)

It is indeed a lonely path at times this one, and I don't quite know how girls cope if they have noone to ask things and noone to lean on when things get rough. It's security too but most of all it's that wonderful knowing that you have a friend who knows you in your entirety in this and will never judge you for what you do.

I for one wouldn't know what to do without my bloggo-friends. It's the nicest thing in the world when a bloggo-friend becomes a total-friend and like you I'm so grateful.

Livvy xxx
Hi Nia, I have but a few working girl friends. These are ladies I know well and like very much. I do not go out of my way to make friends in this industry as I have had my fingers burned by the very people I have helped.

Because of the high earnings potential this occupation has, it makes girls greedy and mercenary, and they lose sight of the bigger picture.
Isolation is, I think, one of the worst things about P4P. The desire for human interaction is one of our most fundamental needs, but this signifcant part of our lives is often cut off from that. (I suspect a lot of guys participate on message boards for precisely that interaction.)

I'm glad that you've found some people you can share and talk with; it makes life so much better.

Have a great week!

I think it vital for escorts to have friends who know about them..and it helps if there is someone in the business. But that cannot always sad.

I'm so happy you have found some, Nia, to be your friend.

Thank you for your comments. I wonder how women who speak to nobody cope. As you know, things are not smooth sailing. Yes, I am grateful for the bloggo friends, who have become total friends too,lol.


Thank you for your comments. I am like you Jo, I do not go out of my way to make friends in this industry either. I have had my fingers burned too.

Chevalier thank you for your comments. The isolation is tough in P4P, you are right.


Thank you for your comments. It is vital, but hard to find the right people. I have a few friends that I value.
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