Monday, June 18, 2007

Escort agency advertises for Dominatrixes at the Job Centre

Raw Angels escort agency advertised for dominatrixes at the Jobcentre in Gateshead and Byker.

The ad stated the escorts would be paid 200 pounds a shift, and training would be given. The owner said there had been a mix up, and the ad was withdrawn. Ten girls signed up, but some jobseekers were appalled that the ad was up alongside plumbers, factory workers and secretaries.

A spokesman for Jobcentre Plus said: Under the Employment and Training Act 1973 Jobcentre Plus is required to provide a service to both employers and job-seeking customers. We must therefore have strong legal reasons for refusing an employer access to our services

All vacancies, including sex industry vacancies, will be advertised by Jobcentre Plus as long as they are legal and providing in the case of the sex industry vacancies that they specify that applicants must be over 18.

It is entirely up to our customers whether they apply. If they do apply for a sex industry vacancy no sanctions will be applied if they then refuse to accept the job. If we do find out that an advertised vacancy is illegal we will withdraw it and take whatever other action seems appropriate.

Quotes from Escort ads at the Jobcentre by Laura Caroe of the Evening Chronicle.

I am interested in how the Jobcentre Plus staff would explain the Dominatrix role to jobseekers.

Times are changing.

Have a good week.

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There was a similar issue recently when Ann Summers sex shops wanted to advertise via the job centre. They are legitimate businesses with High Street premises. Many women though were upet that they might have to attend for interviw for jobs there.

There is also an issue as to whether Domintatrices should all be described as part of the sex industry. Many Dominatrices offer no sexual services at all.

B xx

Thank you for your comments. I was not aware that the Jobcentre would put those types of ads up. You live and learn.

I understand what you are saying Beau. A dominatrix could argue she does not offer sexual services, however most of their clients have orgasms, right?
"however most of their clients have orgasms, right?"

I wouldn't know Nia!!!!

We need a sub to advise us ...

B xx

You would not know ROFLMAO. I thought you were always upfront with me. Damn!
I would think that any wife would be qualified for the job. Give orders, crack the whip, take the money--not difficult.

Thank you for your comments. Has that been your experience of marriage,ROFLMAO?
My My My the power of the local press. I'm Michelle, owner of Raw Angels. This situation all came about when I placed an advert with a few minor mistakes in the job centre for female escorts. The advertisement wasn't for my fetish site Raw Angels, but for my new site. The advert was seen by one of the local escorts who was on her fortnightly trip to the job club, sorry, did I say Job Club, I meant to the Job Centre with her 'friend' she decided it would be a good idea to slate the advertisement on the local escort forum, pointing out the errors in it ect. A day later I find we are being investigated by the local press for advertising in the jobcentre, which may I add, is perfectly legal. It turns out that tip off to the newspaper is a rival agency and the girl who had made the post did it so the newspaper had something to work from. Lol.

People may not agree to this industry but it's her and her to stay. We don't hide in dark corners and go down the sleazy path, we are a reputable company and Raw Angels employ/represent lots of tax paying girls in the Ne who are not on the dole, unemployed, claiming benefits but actually putting something back in to the system.


Thank you for stopping by. It is good to hear your version of events. I am sure that will clarify matters for some people.
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