Friday, June 29, 2007

Who Prepays escorts

I learn something new every day. I was not aware that pre pay for escorts existed.

Is this something that only happens in the US?

Or could some UK independent escorts enlighten me?

A clients pays for a batch of appointments from an escort. However, the escort does not give the client specific times and dates, for any of these bookings. Interesting concept, clearly something that these clients are willing to do with escorts that they have seen before, I imagine.

Some conventional wisdom on prepay, if that is what you choose to do.

Then you need to look at the psychology of prepay.

Maybe I have been living in the dark, but I had never heard of this.


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Have a good weekend.

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Thanks for the plug!

I enjoy your posts -- they give me ideas to work with on my own blog
Dr Pepper,

My pleasure, I like what I have read of your blog too.
Fascinating! I've never come across this either Nia but it's an interesting thought.

Livvy xxx
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