Wednesday, July 04, 2007

7 things meme time

Gillette tagged me for 7 random things about me. I have to confess that I am struggling, as I had been tagged before here, and came up with six weird things about myself.

I am going to cheat, and give you seven top singles about money advice.

1. No romance without finance, (Ain't nothing going on but the rent) by Gwen Guthrie.

2. Money too tight to mention by Simply Red.

3. I.O.U by the Freeze.

4.I want money(that's what I want) by the Flying Lizards.

5.Gonna make you an offer you can't refuse by Jimmy Helms.

6. Money,money,money by Abba.

7. If I were a rich man by Zero Mostel.

I need to tag seven people

Caitie Mae


Joanne of Leeds


Dr Pepper

Peter Leeds


Happy Fourth of July to all my American readers.

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what's this again..
(more stuff to investigate, but thanks for reviving my hobby - I have been a bit busy/quiet lately, apologies)

btw: a "friend" of mine went on air on local radio. I havnt had chance to listen yet, but she is wild on about it.

Thanks for playing, Nia....hugs your way.

Yes, more work for you to do,lol.


Your welcome, hugs your way too.
Thanks for the tag...I think
How am I supposed to do this? Post 7 random things about me, and then tag 7 other unsuspecting members of the blogosphere?

"Money Too Tight to Mention" is a personal favorite of mine -- has been since the mid-80's

Did you catch Simply Red's issues with the Reagan administration and his thinly veiled jab at Nancy Reagan?
Gill, Nia,

LOL right back at you.

It was a bloody rush job, especially since I had an Enthusiastic and Excited Sue on the phone pouring her heart out on the topic of her interview.

Will try to re-visit when I have more time. Now off to hug my pillow.
I'll have to think of some things I've never previously blogged about. The previous version of this that I did was a little more interesting. It asked for 8 random sexual things.
Dr Pepper,

Yes that is right. Post 7 random things about you, and then pick 7 people to do the same. No I did not pick Simply Red's jab at the Reagan administration,lol.


It could be anything. I cheated as you can see, as I had done it before, and could not come up with more random things.
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