Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nia dark and lovely's rocking girl blogger awards

I was honoured, thrilled, and amused that Livvy, the English Courtesan had awarded me with a rocking girl blogger award. Some of you may not have visited the English courtesan's blog. She is playful, hilarious, and informative. She has recently developed an obsession with my boobies, which I am concerned about. Poor Livvy, has been misled about my boobies.

The rules of the award are, to write a post with links to five blogs that are women. I am struggling to find five, as I cannot pick bloggers that have already been chosen, who are some of my favourite bloggers.

All the blogs that I have awarded, I read daily, and have read their archives.

My awards go to Joanne of Leeds who is quirky, down to earth,warm, cracks me up, and tries to get bossy with me. Jo talks about her experiences with her clients, her family, and her animals. Did I mention that she has an animal farm, which I have been to?

Compartments, who writes about secrets and lies and leading a double life.Compartments has changed her direction now, and is doing more dom stuff. Her blog is temporarily sealed, which is a shame. She will be back though. I love Compartment's honesty. I love the fact that she has a no holds barred approach to her writing, which I think is one of the advantages of blogging anonymously. I would recommend Compartments to any newbies out there, to give you a picture of what it can be like with clients.

Kim at Mercurial girl is one of my favourites. She is one of the first blogs I came across, and is an expatriate living between Paris and London.She is now living with her partner, and is no longer a companion. Kim is warm,open,honest and informative. If you search Kim's archives she has some great posts on her life as a companion, some of which I have linked to here, if you click the mercurial girl tag. Kim was at the higher end of the market, however she is not arrogant,and is another anonymous blogger who would tell it like it is. Kim has been helpful to a number of escort bloggers out there, and is a good soul.

Clandestine call girl who has stopped blogging. She is open, shares her vulnerablities, and does not beat around the bush. Another anonymous escort blogger.

Call girl next door who has also stopped blogging, was a blog that I enjoyed. She took up escorting to pay off her debts. She was honest, warm, amusing, and transparent.

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Misled? Moi? Absolutely not! They're fabulous and you know it Nia! :-)

Livvy xxx

I have to figure out what to do with you :)
Thanks for the mention, Nia.

You are welcome.
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