Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Defining Clockwatching escorts

Clockwatching is a term that is used in escort reviews. Chevalier is growing less and less fond of the term.

When I see it,in escort reviews I wonder what really happened.

My understanding of a clockwatching escort, is someone who is constantly looking at the clock when you are together.

Someone who is rushing you. You can pick up the vibe. She would rather be somewhere else, and does not hide it.

She wants you out as soon as you get your rocks off, and in some cases does not let you have a shower.

The difficulty for me, is if you have booked, and paid for x hours with an escort. Why should you expect x hours and 45 mins?

If you decide that you want to spend 30 minutes in the shower at the beginning, and another 30 minutes at the end, do you really expect the escort to overlook the time?

My policy for incall, is that my clients can have a shower at the start, and at the end if they choose.

Apparently, some clients do not expect some escorts to count the 30 minutes in the shower, at the beginning and at the end. This is a misunderstanding, in my view.

I have clients who want to extend sessions with me, but unfortunately, I have had to rush off to the day job, or have a dentist's appointment, or have other stuff to do. So, it is not always possible.

Chevalier wonders whether escorts have concerns about clients stating that they are not clockwatchers, in reviews. I do not have a problem with that. I feel, that I cannot dictate what any of my clients write in their reviews, anyway.They are free to write what they experienced. If I think that something a client writes is misleading, I know that I can write a rebuttal.

I am not always aware of the time,with my clients and tend to run over . However, I have met some clients who take advantage, and I do not see them again. The sort of situation where a four hour booking, turns to be five, and you literally have to throw the client out. The extra hour is not paid for, clearly.

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We get accused of so many thing in this job, and its usually by men who have axes to grind, with the main one being that they have to pay us.

Some girls have to clockwatch. They may be renting rooms by the hour, or working for an agency. they may get penalised by whoever the rent collector is, even if the appointment runs over by as little as five minutes.

If a guy calls a girl a clockwatcher in a review, I think it would be interesting to see who she works for and judge the agency on that one.

Thank you for your comments.

I forgot about agencies. If you do not call them at the end of the booking, most assume that you are still with the client, and expect a higher commission.
I see relatively few reviews stating that the lady IS a clockwatcher. But a lot stating that the lady IS NOT a clockwatcher -- praising her for allowing significant extra time with no extra charge.

Even what looks like a positive comment, though, seems like sending a subtle message -- not just to that lady but to all ladies (and the clients as well) -- that such uncompensated significant extra time should almost be the expected norm. Anything less and you'll draw that dreaded accusation!


Thank you for your comments. Interesting, I hear a lot of complaints here of clockwatching. It is not unusual at all.

I see what you are saying,lol.
Speaking as a guy, I never expect extra time. I'm a consultant who is paid by the hour, and so are you.

That said, I hate clockwatchers, but fortunately they seem to be rare.

I define a clockwatcher not as somebody who simply has another appointment, but as somebody who is more concerned with my leaving than anything else.

The provider I use regularly has a brilliant solution. She has a little alarm clock that rings a buddhist bell softly.

That way we can go through our time with no danger of accidentally overrunning the time, it gives her a signal to politely say "want to stay another hour, or do you have to go?" and it's discreet enough that it took a few visits before I realized that the bell was not part of the background music she was playing.

Thank you for stopping by. The Buddhist alarm bell is a good idea.
I like the fact that it is not obvious. I must look for one,lol.
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