Monday, July 16, 2007

David Vitter paying the price of hypocrisy towards escorts

Entre Amigos left a comment on the law enforcement and shock tactics post, about David Vitter.

You have to put a good spin on it. Yesterday a US Senator whose number was in a call-girl's data base took advantage of the opportunity to announce that God had forgiven him for his sin. So that should win him a few votes, what with him and God being best mates.

The interesting thing is that it is reported that a few years ago his wife said she was more of a Lorena Bobbitt type, and that if he strayed she would cut his dick off. Someone needs to ask him if he is still intact. It is in the public interest to know if we are being represented by an amputee.

My feeling is that she probably got a huge diamond and a new car, plus a lifetime exemption from further marital sex.

David Vitter is one of Deborah Palfrey's casualties, like Randall Tobias.

The two politicians are feeling the heat. The media have laid them out to slaughter, because they clearly do not practice what they preach.

David Vitter is lucky, as he is loved at home.

Entre Amigos feels that he may not be intact, though. What a painful price to pay if Mrs Vitter has become Mrs Bobbitt.

However, when he visited prostitutes one of his fetishes was being pampered.

I guess David Vittner did not realise what price he had to pay for hypocrisy.

Have a good week.

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