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Confessions of a working girl

I have just finished Confessions of a Working Girl

Miss S is one of the authors that Danuta Kean refers to in her happy hooker memoirs which I talked about here.

This book does not glamourise prostitution at all, in my view. Yes, Miss S chose to work in a brothel or parlour, but some of her experiences are so offputting, I think anyone who is thinking of working in a brothel needs to read this.

Miss S talks about how by the eighth client she is swollen, by the tenth she is raw, and when she gets to client 12 she is numb. What I found amazing, was that it was a sackable offence if the girls gave their number out, provided owo, or anal. The girls did not kiss either.

The market has changed so much now, I wonder when Miss S was working at this brothel, and whether their policies remain the same now.

She describes various experiences of bad and difficult clients who pull off condoms, or are too rough.She has one incident with a chinese client who does this, and talks of the stress she goes through, waiting for her results.

The local coppers have something on their bulletin board, saying the brothel is the cleanest and safest house in the area, and is the only one they can use, which is hilarious.

There are countless women who cannot deal with the job psychologically, when they have condom splits with clients.

She has some tips at the back, which I think would be useful for newbies. One thing that I agree with is her point about regulars. She says when a regular client sees another girl, all it means is he fancies a change.

It does not mean the girl has stolen him, or he does not like you. Your punter is not your boyfriend, so do not take it personally.

I read the book, and take my hat off to Miss S. Some of the stuff she went through was awful. It is an easy read, and an eye opener for working in a brothel or parlour.

Danuta Kean says that Miss S's publisher claimed this book will appeal to teenage girls. I am with Danuta on that, I cannot see how and why it would appeal to teenage girls.

Miss S does touch on some of her clients who may be paedophiles, which is something that Danuta Kean feels the book fails to acknowledge. Miss S, gives a number of accounts of clients who talk to her about this, and the alarm bells that go off for her. I think the book is authentic, and although Miss S made some money, this would not go down in my list of books that glamourise the profession.

Part one and Part Two of the Danuta Kean debate.

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I try to avoid girls who are so insecure about clients seeing other SP's. It's a sign that they likely have other emotional issues that they have problems dealing with. My regulars know who else I see. A couple of them are good friends and I'm often privy to some stories of their adventures together.

Thank you for your comments. I do not understand escorts who behave in this way, and assume they are insecure.
I can remember two wgs talking to me of this about times when they had to remind themselves not to be upset about a regular seeing another. With each it was where they were working in a shared flat or brothel. The situation was similar when they assumed their regular was coming to see them but he instead asked to see the other wg.

It caused some embarrassment and each wg felt slightly miffed at first.

One of them put it to me that wgs have to remember that a paying man is anybody's man

B xx

Thank you for your comments. In the book Miss S says they have to line up, and say hello to everyone that comes in. The men choose from the lineup. I find that awful.

You are right, a paying man is anyone's man,ROFLMAO.
Thank you Nia for the kind words, buying my book and for actually reading it before committing to words on the net. Thank you even more so for that and being open minded enough not to believe all the press rubbish.
You are right, it is a bit galling when a woman that is all for 'liberating and helping other women' like D says she is helping bring to light the plight of the industry?*!
But then with the other foot is kicking another woman down, just because that woman has the nerve to write just like she does for a living.

Do just want to clear up the ‘teen read' thing. Talk about publishers getting carried away! It all stemmed from a publishing /selling meeting from what I hear from the editor. All about the books in general for the summer read category and for some reason they just happened to be on my book at the time, when they where saying they where for a teen –twenty- thirty’s women’s summer market.

Talk about Chinese whispers!

As for the green eyed monster, always surprises me when girls get the hump that I client wanders. If you are good at what you do you don’t need to bitch and will be too busy to bother.
A client might wander but he might be back at some point, if not there are plenty more men on the net.
Find its the girls with attitude that normally scare the guys off in the first place and then tend to blame it on some poor other girl when in fact is their fault and attitude in the first place that caused it.
I never really get why they don’t get it.

You would think after a while they would cotton on to what was wrong rather than bitching on and stressing themselves out?
Girls that suck bitter grapes do not pull the most attractive faces after all, no wonder they are not booked again.

As for the house line up?

Some places have one like that and it makes the clients feel uncomfortable. In the house at the time you lined up in the other room and then, went in one at a time and said hello, hence the ‘kinky hello’ that way you could also if the devil took you say you where a different girl so you didn’t get picked and get away with it (eg Fifi)
Sorry after all the edits I do not think it was clear that was the case.

As for practices?

From what I hear the house has changed hands and is not as nice to work there, the management are after every penny they can get (they even take £10 a day out of all the girls wages to pay for the condoms, even if you bring your own free ones from the clinic) It is still £40 but most practices and house rules are still in place. It is so cheap anyhow guys don’t expect much and girls don’t want to risk it for so little. The house rules are a bit laxer than before as Mrs B has left though. The new owner just has pound signs for eyes and can not work out why she isn’t doing as well as the previous owner.

As for Kissing?

Even escort agencies had a no kissing thing around five years back.
All change.

Take care to all out there.
Miss S x
Miss S,

Thank you for stopping by. Your book was an easy read, and amusing.

Thank you for coming here to give your side of the story.

I like to form my own opinions whenever I can,lol.

Women who get upset about other girls stealing clients, clearly have problems.

I thought things might have changed, at the house you worked at.

You are right, kissing was uacceptable a number of years ago,lol.

How times have changed.
Thank you, easy read is what I was aiming for, nothing worse than a summer read you cant put down and pick up again and have to get back in to the story.

Women are a funny lot. With nearly ten assorted women working in one house and some busy and some not, there was always bound to be trouble. This was also 10 years back, houses like that do not really exist like that any longer. Women can get very desperate for money no matter when or where.

Kissing was unacceptable a number of years ago was also because it was bad for your business re health issues.
With Escorting it is less prevalent an issue because of less clients.

E.g. In a house if you are kissing say 40 random people a week, your going to end up with a cold or a runny nose every week at least and that isn’t very attractive. You don’t get picked that way and you don’t earn.

Escorting a few years back before the net, was done manly from sit in escort agencies where the girls where also waiting in small lounges, so kissing and getting a cold was also discouraged as not to spread to the other girls. Only a few would do the so called Girlfriend experience and kiss as it was considered unhygienic by the other girls. Business was busier back then.

With everything now on the net including agencies. Houses and sit-in agencies are now in decline.

Also all the new lady’s that never had worked/isolated working alone on the net, sometimes don’t know how other ladys work as they have never met one and just do what they have done in dating in the past.

Some even think Prostitution is illegal in the UK and can’t go to the police for help.
Only have to read D’s second post to know she still hasn’t done her research properly on that one.

Some new lady’s do not even know the existence of free health clinics just for working girls, the state of bad sexual education in the UK today, it is no wonder STI’s in the UK are on the rise.

If we are not careful no kissing will come back into effect at this rate.
Times are changing alright x
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