Monday, July 30, 2007

Office Politics

I walked into work today, and the atmosphere was volatile. The office politics are unbearable.

There are a number of trouble makers where I work, who have issues with authority and power.

We are all facing an uncertain future, and anxiety levels are high. I am tired of the endless meetings that are not productive.

Some of the staff members are trying to cause chaos, and I do not want to be a part of it. It is hard because they feel that I am not supportive, but I do not feel it is worth it.

We have tried to effect change, and nothing has happened. I am job hunting, and as soon as I can get out I will. In the meantime, I want to bury my head in the sand, which is a struggle when colleagues are trying to draw me into their battles.

Have a good week.

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Living and learning all the time Nia.....

Sometimes you learn things you would rather not have, but information is the best thing in the end. It helps you make the right decision.

The office politics thing will always be there. I have a friend who constantly has to deal with this kind of shit and it sometimes makes him question why he continues to stay, and he is a director of the company.

I am sorry this is happening to you, and you are also right to try and stay on the periphery. If you try and help people, they can very often bite the hand that helps them and actually turn the blame onto you.

When the politics in this industry begin to affect the way I look at my job and when I have read some of the appalling things people have written about me ( people who have never net me of course..) and I have discussed this with clients from other professions, I am usually answered with "you want to try working in MY profession the bitching is FAR worse!

etc etc etc............

Thank you for your comments. It is draining having to listen to everything that is going on.

I have had colleagues twist things that I have said, and try and push the blame at my door. You live and learn.

You are right.It seems to be inevitable wherever you work.
Don't bury your head. It does not go away, whatever it is you are hiding from. In my experience it magnifies out of all proportion.

I do the ostrich thing with bills. When the final demands arrive I finally pay up, and then breathe a sigh of relief. If only I had paid them earlier, I would not have had to live with the nagging thought for so long.

Living and learning... Sometimes the lesson is a hard pill to swallow, and of our own making !

In this instance, I do not see it as burying my head in the sand. I want a peaceful life, and do not have the energy or time, to take on office politics.
Problem with office politics is, when they start, you are judged whether you join in or not by those who are out to make trouble.

That is my struggle at the moment.
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