Thursday, July 19, 2007

More ,or less ,or just different, comparisons in the escort industry

I had an appraisal with a member of staff yesterday that went well. One down, five more to go.

One of the issues that came up, is some of the staff team, believe they get more from me, than others. I believe everyone gets the same, but it may be delivered in a different way. I recognise I cannot please all the people all the time, and I make no attempts to. I am surprised, as the staff who are complaining, have not raised the issue with me, but maybe they will in their appraisals.

It has some parallels with the paid sex industry and the term YMMV, which Chevalier introduced me to. Chevalier has a good post on YMMV here. It continues to raise problems for clients when they read reviews, and realise they did not get x, whereas other people did. I suppose the whole review process is about comparisons, and there is no getting away from that.


Chevalier has started a new blog on wordpress, as he was having technical problems, and his old blog is still up.

I have some email problems again, and discovered today that some of you have attempted to send me mail for over three weeks, and it has not been delivered. I am receiving some mail, and as usual have no idea what is happening. If I have not responded to any mail,which is unusual then I suggest you call.

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