Thursday, July 26, 2007

An inconvenience

I am not happy about the Royal Mail strike, it is an inconvenience for me.

I ordered some stuff online last week, and had no idea that the strike was on and would last two weeks.Had I known, I would have waited for a few weeks. I am expecting some cheques in the post, which will probably not arrive now. This situation gives others an excuse to say things are in the post, when they were never sent in the first place. I do not have the energy to chase lost post at the moment. My life is complicated as it is,I wonder why Royal Mail cannot take that on board. I was told yesterday there will be no deliveries next week on Saturday,Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

The good news is that I did another appraisal this week, which went well. The staff member that I was appraising does not beat around the bush. I love people who are direct,upfront, honest and not afraid to challenge others. Four more to go.

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